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Gone Girl (2014)

aka Gone Girl

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I like strong women

Hard to review this objectively. I know what it's like to be in a marriage where you huddle on your side of the bed pretending to be asleep to avoid engaging with your spouse. The fact that everything went batshit crazy was just icing. Cold, dark, bloody; while most of us in bad relationships don't have to deal with the physical gore presented here, the emotional gore is all too familiar. This movie is sure to be off-putting for many; for me it was just cathartic.

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A bit more complex than I expected. I already knew about the twist halfway through, but the ending was unexpected. It's too long, and it's weird that the police and lawyers basically don't get to do anything useful or relevant in terms of solving the case. The writer is more interested in pointing the finger at manipulative vultures in the media (particularly TV talk shows). Pike is by far the most impressive thing about the film, and the most interesting character. Affleck's character by contrast is pretty dull.
But something about it feels unbalanced. The ending points to something more interesting, as if the better film would be one which follows up what happens next.

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Extremely close to the book, yet I found I didn't care for it as much. Perhaps the dysfunctional relationship between Nick and Amy was harder to watch than it was to read? Not sure. Both actors did an excellent job though - no doubt about that.

Somebody had told me that the end had been changed for the movie, so it kinda threw me for a loop when that wasn't the case ;-P

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Small Nick Dunne
No_movie_poster Andie Hardy
Small Ellen Abbott
Small Amy Dunne
Small Desi Collings
Small Tanner Bolt
Small Detective Rhonda Boney
Small Noelle Hawthorne
Small Detective Jim Gilpin
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Small Shawna Kelly
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Small David Fincher Directing
Small Reese Witherspoon Production
No_movie_poster Bruna Papandrea Production
No_movie_poster Leslie Dixon Production
No_movie_poster Gillian Flynn Writing
No_movie_poster Gillian Flynn Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Kirk Baxter Editing
No_movie_poster Arnon Milchan Production
No_movie_poster Ceán Chaffin Production


Release Dates:

theatrical : 2014-10-03 : India

Theatrical : 2014-10-03 : United States of America