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Grease (1978)

aka Grease

"Grease is the word"

Directed By: 
Details: 110 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Nice songs ...

In a way, I really like Grease. It's a musical and I love musicals. And, the songs are fun and the dance routines are quite hilarious (not sure if that's the intention, but who cares). The story itself is not all that outdated .. cliches will always be cliches after all. I'm not sure if anyone ever took anything in it seriously (I highly doubt it), but the ridiculous outfits, cars and behavior gives it a nice mood. I'm not too sure on the jokes involving bullying and it's still a complete mystery to me why John Travolta was casted for any of his films including this one (apart from Hairspray .. he was rather brilliant in that one). But, well, it's nice enough I guess. (It seems like people went to High School well into their 20s back then btw)

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Loved it

Well, I suppose Grease is just one of those movies you either love or hate.
I read somewhere, ages ago, that the average women watches this movie about 9 times in her life. I stopped counting at 16 times, and that was 10 years ago...
And yes, whenever they show it on tv, I'll watch it again. and again. and again...

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Wow, this movie does NOT age well! All the actors look waaaay too old to be in high school - they'd have been better off setting it in college - and the plot is basically non-existing. I still like the music, but it's not enough to keep this a favourite any longer. Downgraded from 5 to 3 stars.

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Small Danny Zuko
Small Sandy Olsson
Small Betty Rizzo
Small Kenickie Murdoch
No_movie_poster Frenchy
No_movie_poster Doody
No_movie_poster Sonny
No_movie_poster Putzie
No_movie_poster Jan
Small Marty Maraschino
Small Principal McGee
Small Vince Fontaine
Small Coach Calhoun
No_movie_poster Blanche
No_movie_poster Patty Simcox
No_movie_poster Waitress
No_movie_poster Cha-Cha DiGregorio
No_movie_poster Leo, Scorpions member
Small Vi
Small The Teen Angel
Small Mike - School Athlete
Small Tom Chisum
Small Eugene


No_movie_poster Bill Butler Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Randal Kleiser Director
No_movie_poster Bronte Woodard Screenplay
No_movie_poster Allan Carr Producer
No_movie_poster Robert Stigwood Producer
No_movie_poster Neil A. Machlis Producer
No_movie_poster John F. Burnett Editor
No_movie_poster Joel Thurm Casting
No_movie_poster Philip M. Jefferies Production Design
No_movie_poster James L. Berkey Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Albert Wolsky Costume Design
No_movie_poster June Edgerton Music Editor
No_movie_poster Jerry Jost Sound mixer
No_movie_poster Ken Speed Special Effects
No_movie_poster Allan Carr Writer


"Grease is the word"


In the summer of 1959, local boy Danny Zuko and vacationing Sandy Olsson meet at the beach and fall in love. When the summer comes to an end, Sandy—who is going back to Australia—frets that they may never meet again, but Danny tells her that their love is "only the beginning". The film moves to the start of the seniors' term at Rydell High School. Danny, a greaser, is a member of the T-Birds, consisting of his best friend Kenickie, Doody, Sonny, and Putzie. The Pink Ladies also arrive, consisting of Rizzo, Frenchy, Marty, and Jan. After her parents decided not to return to Australia, Sandy enrolls at Rydell and befriends Frenchy, who considers dropping out of school to become a beautician. Oblivious to each other's presence at school, Danny and Sandy tell their respective groups the accounts of events during the pair's brief romance.

Upon learning Danny is Sandy's sweetheart, Rizzo arranges for the two to reunite, but Danny is forced to maintain his bad-boy attitude in front of his pals, upsetting Sandy. Frenchy invites the girls to a pajama party, but Sandy falls ill from trying a cigarette and drinking. The T-Birds almost crash the party in Kenickie's Greased Lightning car, but a guilty Danny leaves, followed by Rizzo, who departs to make out with Kenickie, who is actually her boyfriend. The two are disturbed by Leo, leader of the T-Birds' rival gang, the Scorpions, and his girlfriend Cha-Cha, leading to a planned race between Kenickie and Leo. Wishing to win his way back into Sandy's affection, Danny turns to Coach Calhoun to get into sports, eventually becoming a runner. He reunites with Sandy and they attempt to go on a date, but their friends crash it, resulting in Kenickie and Rizzo arguing and parting. Left alone, Frenchy is visited by a guardian angel who advises her to return to school after a mishap in beauty class leaves her with candy-pink hair.

The school dance arrives, broadcast live on television and hosted by DJ Vince Fontaine, who flirts with Marty. Rizzo and Kenickie attempt to spite one another by bringing Leo and Cha-Cha as their dates, while Danny and Sandy come together. During a dance, Danny and Cha-Cha (who were once boyfriend and girlfriend) perform together and win a dance-off. Danny tries to make it up to Sandy by taking her to a drive-in theater but ends up making several passes at her, causing Sandy to flee. Meanwhile, Rizzo fears she is pregnant after missing a period and confides to Marty, but Sonny overhears and spreads the rumor which eventually reaches Kenickie who is the potential father.

The race arrives, but Kenickie is knocked out by his own car door thanks to the careless behavior of his friend Putzie, so Danny takes up the challenge. He and Leo race until Leo crashes and leaves humiliated, with Danny as the victor. Sandy watches from afar, concluding she still loves Danny and decides to change her attitude and look to impress him. On the last day of school, while Principal McGee and her assistant Blanche sob about the departing class, the class celebrates their graduation at the fair on the school grounds. Rizzo discovers she is not pregnant after all and reunites with Kenickie. Danny has become a jock, but is shocked when Sandy appears dressed in leather and is seen smoking. In song, the two admit they love each other and reunite. The film ends with Danny and Sandy departing in the Greased Lightning car together, which then takes flight, and the pair waves goodbye to their friends. The film ends with credits in the style of a yearbook.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1978-06-16 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1978-08-03 : Australia

Theatrical : 1978-08-30 : Italy

Theatrical : 1978-09-14 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 1978-09-15 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1978-09-15 : Ireland

Theatrical : 1978-09-22 : Spain

Theatrical : 1978-09-25 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1978-09-28 : West Germany

Theatrical : 1978-10-03 : France

Theatrical : 1978-10-11 : Colombia

Theatrical : 1978-10-12 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 1978-10-20 : Norway

Theatrical : 1978-11-02 : Argentina

Theatrical : 1978-11-02 : Mexico

Theatrical : 1978-11-14 : Philippines

Theatrical : 1978-11-23 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 1978-12-08 : Finland

Theatrical : 1978-12-09 : Japan

Theatrical : 1978-12-25 : South Korea

Theatrical : 1981-02-02 : Turkey

DVD : 2002-09-24

1978-06-13 : United States of America