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Gun for a Coward (1957)

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Gun for a Coward (1957)

aka Gun for a Coward


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Details: 88 mins · English


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Will Keough is a rancher with two younger brothers, who are called Hade and Bless. They live with their widowed mother, Hannah, whose husband was bitten by a rattlesnake when Bless was a young boy.

Ever since that day, Hannah has been determined to shield Bless from the hard life of the West and turn him instead into a refined, gentler soul. In so doing, she sometimes embarrasses Bless in front of the ranch's other men.

Hannah wants to move to the big, sophisticated city of St. Louis and take her youngest son with her. Bless refuses at the last minute, then feels guilty when the months go by and his unhappy mother becomes ill and passes away.

Will, meanwhile, builds the ranch into one of the territory's largest. His primary concerns are rustlers and neighbor Audrey, whom he loves and intends to marry, although he has been slow to commit. What he doesn't know is that Audrey has fallen in love with Bless.

Before and during a cattle drive to Abilene, more than once Bless is accused of being cowardly. He fails to adequately back up Hade in a bar fight. A fake rattlesnake is placed on Bless while asleep on the trail, terrifying him.

Hade is trampled to death by stampeding cattle. Bless then alienates Will by confessing that he and Audrey wish to marry. When a battle with rustlers begins, however, Bless bravely leads the charge against them, whereupon Will tells Audrey that he approves of their future together.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1957-01-30 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1957-02-22 : Finland

Theatrical : 1957-03-26 : West Germany

Theatrical : Austria

Theatrical : 1957-08-12 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1962-03-19 : Spain