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Happy Feet (2006)

aka Happy Feet

"WARNING: May Cause Toe-Tapping."

Details: 108 mins · English · PG (USA)


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I am SO glad I didn't waste money to go see this at the movies! Lars and I usually both love animated movies, and I really liked what I saw in the trailers, but the movie itself was nothing special at all, and I think Lars would actually have been quite bored by it. Besides, it had a lot of plot holes. It was still sweet and had it's funny moments, which is what made me rate it as high as I did, but not one I'm anxious to own or even watch again. Give me the penguins of Madagascar any day!

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a cute take on the classic quest-type of story.

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420 chars remaining..!!


Small Raul
Small Ramon / Lovelace
Small Lombardo
Small Nestor
No_movie_poster Rinaldo
Small Mumble
Small Gloria
Small Memphis
Small Norma Jean
Small Noah the Elder
Small Baby Mumble
Small Miss Viola
Small Mrs. Astrakhan
No_movie_poster Baby Seymour
Small Boss Skua
No_movie_poster Seymour
No_movie_poster Baby Gloria
No_movie_poster Dino / Zoo Penguin
No_movie_poster Vinnie
No_movie_poster Frankie
Small Lovelace
No_movie_poster Trev
Small Ramon


No_movie_poster Bruce Berman Executive Producer
No_movie_poster John Powell Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Doug Mitchell Producer
Small George Miller Director
No_movie_poster Dana Goldberg Executive Producer
No_movie_poster John Collee Author
No_movie_poster Judy Morris Director
No_movie_poster Margaret Sixel Editor
No_movie_poster Bill Miller Producer
No_movie_poster Warren Coleman Director
No_movie_poster Matthew Ferro Producer
No_movie_poster Ed Jones Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Philip Hearnshaw Producer
No_movie_poster Hael Kobayashi Producer
No_movie_poster Graham Burke Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Michael Twigg Producer
No_movie_poster Mark Sexton Production Design
No_movie_poster David Peers Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Christian Gazal Editor
No_movie_poster Martin Wood Line Producer
No_movie_poster David Nelson Art Direction
Small George Miller Production
Small George Miller Writer
No_movie_poster Warren Coleman Writer
No_movie_poster Judy Morris Writer
No_movie_poster Margaret Sixel Editing
No_movie_poster Christian Gazal Editing


"WARNING: May Cause Toe-Tapping."

"Put on your happy feet."

"The only film that has people dancing in the aisles"

"Everybody Dance Now!"


Every Emperor Penguin sings a unique song called a "heartsong" to attract a mate. If the male penguin's heartsong matches the female's song, the two penguins mate. Norma Jean, a female penguin, falls for Memphis, a male penguin and they become mates. They lay an egg, which is left in Memphis' care, while Norma Jean leaves with the other females to fish. While the males struggle through the harsh winter, Memphis briefly drops the egg. The resulting chick, Mumble, has no vocal talent, but can tap dance. Nevertheless, he is enamored with Gloria, a female penguin who is regarded as the most talented of his age. One day, Mumble encounters a group of hostile Skua, with a leader who is tagged with a yellow band, which he claims to have been from an alien abduction. Mumble narrowly escapes the hungry birds by falling into a crevice.

Years later, an adult Mumble is now an outcast who is frowned upon by his elders. After being shunned during the graduates' song, he is attacked by a leopard seal. After escaping, he befriends a group of Adelie Penguins called "the Amigos", who embrace Mumble's dance moves and assimilate him into their group. After seeing a hidden human excavator in an avalanche, they opt to ask Lovelace, a Rockhopper Penguin, about its origin. Lovelace has the plastic rings of a six pack entangled around his neck, which he claims to have been bestowed upon him by mystic beings.

For the emperor penguins, it is mating season and Gloria is the center of attention. Ramon tries to help Mumble win her affection by singing a Spanish version of "My Way", with Mumble lip syncing. When Gloria sees Ramon behind Mumble's back, she becomes angry and turns away. As a last resort, Mumble begins tap dancing in synch with her song. She falls for him and all the youthful penguins join in for singing and dancing to "Boogie Wonderland". The elders are appalled by Mumble's conduct, which they see as the reason for their lean fishing season. Memphis begs Mumble to stop dancing, for his own sake, but when Mumble refuses, he is banished.

Mumble and the Amigos return to Lovelace, only to find him being choked by the plastic rings. Lovelace confesses they were snagged on him while swimming off the forbidden shores, beyond the land of the elephant seals. Not long into their journey, they are met by Gloria, who wishes to join with Mumble as his mate. Fearing for his safety, he ostracizes her, driving her away.

At the forbidden shore, the group finds a fishing boat. Mumble pursues it solo to the brink of exhaustion. He is eventually washed up on the shore of Australia, where he is rescued and kept at Marine World with Magellanic Penguins. After a long and secluded confinement, he nearly succumbs to madness. When a girl attempts to interact with Mumble by tapping the glass, he starts dancing, which attracts a large crowd. He is released back into the wild, with a tracking device attached to his back. He returns to his colony and challenges the will of the elders. Memphis reconciles with him, just as a research team arrives, proving the aliens to be true. The whole of the colony engages in dance.

The research team returns their expedition footage, prompting a worldwide debate. The governments realize they are overfishing, leading to the banning of all Antarctic fishing. At this, the Emperor Penguins and the Amigos celebrate. In the final scene, a baby penguin is seen dancing next to Mumble and Gloria, revealed to be their son Erik in Happy Feet Two.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2006-11-17 : United States of America

DVD : 2007-03-27

DVD : 2009-05-19