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Heaven's Gate (1980)

aka Heaven's Gate

"What one loves in life are the things that fade"

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 219 mins · English, Russian · R (USA)


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Too long and light on plot, but a true spectacle.

Heaven’s Gate is way too long and not enough happens in it to warrant its obscene three hour and forty nine minute runtime. However it is a filmmaking spectacle to behold with its immense cast, incredible choreography, and bustling city scenes. Writer/director Michael Cimino’s lavish spending on these aspects of the movie is palpable throughout, but that doesn’t make his efforts any less impressive. If you hate long movies, Heaven’s Gate won’t turn you into a fan, although at least Cimino will give you things to marvel at, if you’re brave enough to suffer through it.

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Small Ella Watson
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No_movie_poster Gerald B. Greenberg Editor
No_movie_poster Tom Rolf Editor
No_movie_poster William Reynolds Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Lisa Fruchtman Editor
No_movie_poster David Mansfield Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Denis O'Dell Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Michael Cimino Director
No_movie_poster Vilmos Zsigmond Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Charles Okun Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Joann Carelli Producer
No_movie_poster Michael Cimino Writer
No_movie_poster Lisa Fruchtman Editing
No_movie_poster Gerald B. Greenberg Editing
No_movie_poster Tom Rolf Editing


"What one loves in life are the things that fade"


=== 1870, Harvard ===

In 1870, two young men, Jim Averill and Billy Irvine, are graduating from Harvard College. The Reverend Doctor speaks to the graduates on the association of "the cultivated mind with the uncultivated," and the importance of "the education of a nation." Irvine, brilliant but obviously intoxicated, follows this with his opposing, irreverent views. A celebration is then held after which the male students serenade the women present, including Averill's girlfriend.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1980-11-19 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1980-11-18 : New York City

Theatrical : 1981-04-23 : Los Angeles

Theatrical : 1981-05-22 : France

Theatrical : 1981-07-16 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 1981-08-07 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1981-08-20 : Argentina

Theatrical : 1981-09-03 : Italy

Theatrical : 1981-09-24 : Sydney

Theatrical : 1981-10-02 : Finland

Theatrical : 1981-10-15 : Melbourne

Theatrical : 1982-07-22 : Portugal

Theatrical : 1984-04-13 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1985-03-01 : West Germany

Theatrical : 2004-10-08 : New York City

Theatrical : 2005-07-03 : Italy

Theatrical : 2005-07-06 : France

Theatrical : 2005-11-03 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2013-02-27 : France

1983-03-01 : West Germany

2005-02-24 : Australia

2005-06-04 : United States of America

2012-08-30 : Italy