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Heavenly Bodies (1985)

Heavenly Bodies (1985)

aka Heavenly Bodies

"She's reaching for the top, with everything she's got."

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 90 mins


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No_movie_poster Samantha Blair
No_movie_poster Steve
No_movie_poster Jack Pearson
No_movie_poster Debbie Martin
No_movie_poster Joel Blair
No_movie_poster KC
No_movie_poster Patty
No_movie_poster T.V. Producer
No_movie_poster T.V. Director
No_movie_poster Walter Matheson
No_movie_poster T.V. Reporter
No_movie_poster Real Estate Salesman
No_movie_poster Nick
No_movie_poster Mr. Howard
No_movie_poster Coach Hudson


No_movie_poster Lawrence Dane Director
No_movie_poster Ron Base Screenplay


"She's reaching for the top, with everything she's got."


A small "Dance-ercize" studio fights for its existence against the unscrupulous owner of a rival club. The conflict boils down to a "Dance Marathon" to settle the score.