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Here Come The Co-Eds (1945)

aka Here Come The Co-Eds

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 90 mins · English


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Small Slats McCarthy
Small Oliver Quackenbush
No_movie_poster Patty Gayle
Small Molly McCarthy
Small Diane Kirkland
Small Johnson (as Lon Chaney)


No_movie_poster Jean Yarbrough Director
No_movie_poster Arthur Hilton Editing


Oliver (Lou Costello), Molly (Martha O'Driscoll), and her brother Slats (Bud Abbott) work for the Miramar Ballroom as taxi dancers. Slats plants a phony article in the local newspaper that declares Molly's ambition is to attend Bixby College. The dean of Bixby (Donald Cook) reads the article and offers her a scholarship. She agrees, but only if Oliver and Slats can accompany her. They are hired as caretakers.

Meanwhile, Chairman Kirkland (Charles Dingle), whose daughter Diane (June Vincent) also attends Bixby, holds the mortgage on the college and threatens to foreclose if the dean continues to ignore tradition and does not expel Molly. Slats and Oliver run into some problems of their own as they fail at every task assigned to them by their supervisor, Mr. Johnson (Lon Chaney, Jr.).

Slats devise a plan to raise $20,000 to save the school: Oliver will wrestle the Masked Marvel. However, just before the match, the Masked Marvel becomes ill and is replaced by Mr. Johnson. Oliver still manages to win the match, and Slats takes the $1,000 winnings and bets it on Bixby in a basketball game at 20-to-1 odds. Unfortunately the bookie attempts to insure the outcome by hiring a professional team to play in place of Bixby's opponent, Carleton. Oliver dresses in drag and joins the Bixby team. Halfway through the game he receives a bump on the head and is convinced he is Daisy Dimple, "the world's greatest woman basketball player." Bixby pulls into the lead, but Oliver suffers another bump on the head and returns to his usual persona, and ends up losing the game for Bixby. To make up for it, he steals the bookie's money and after a crosstown chase (in a sailboat on a trailer), the boys arrive in time to pay the mortgage and save the school.