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High Desert Kill (1989)

aka High Desert Kill

"In the badlands of New Mexico it waits for them..."

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 89 mins


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No_movie_poster Dr. Jim Cole
Small Brad Mueller
No_movie_poster Ray Bettencamp
Small Stan Brown
Small Paul Bettencamp / Alien


No_movie_poster T.S. Cook Teleplay
No_movie_poster Mike Marvin Writer
No_movie_poster Harry Falk Director
No_movie_poster Darnell Fry Writer


"In the badlands of New Mexico it waits for them..."


The story is about an alien experiment on 4 guys camping. The film's script had a plot in which the viewer did not know what would happen next, as odd events occurred quite often. This is because its script displayed a series of tests with no logical progression or reward mechanism. Also the characters are unaware of the agenda and overall plan.

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