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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

aka Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

"He's up past his bedtime in the city that never sleeps."

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 120 mins · English, French · PG (USA)


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It's understandable that a second home alone was made, with the overwealming succes the first had - unfortunally this doesn't honor the expections.

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Small Kevin McCallister
Small Harry Lime
Small Kate McCallister
Small Marv Merchants
Small Peter McCallister
Small Buzz McCallister
No_movie_poster Megan McCallister
No_movie_poster Uncle Frank McCallister
No_movie_poster Rod McCallister
Small Fuller McCallister
Small Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge
Small Bird Lady
Small NY Ticket Agent
Small Cedric


Small John Williams Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Raja Gosnell Editor
No_movie_poster Sandy Veneziano Production Design
No_movie_poster Janet Hirshenson Casting
No_movie_poster Jane Jenkins Casting
No_movie_poster Marvin March Set Decoration
Small Chris Columbus Director
Small John Hughes Screenplay
No_movie_poster Julio Macat Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Jay Hurley Costume Design
Small John Hughes Production


"He's up past his bedtime in the city that never sleeps."

"Yikes! I did it again!"

"First, he was home alone, now he's lost in New York"


The night before their flight to Miami for Christmas, the McCallister family gathers at the Winnetka, Illinois home of Peter and Kate McCallister. Their ten-year-old son Kevin sees Florida as contradictory to Christmas because of the lack of Christmas trees. During the school Christmas concert, Kevin's older brother Buzz humiliates him during his solo, causing Kevin to retaliate. Kevin refuses to apologize for his actions and, still angry with the family's decision to go to Florida, he storms up to the third floor bedroom of the house. During the night, Peter unknowingly resets the alarm clock and causes the family to oversleep.. In the confusion and rush to reach the airport on time, Kevin gets onto a flight to New York City, carrying Peter's bag containing his wallet and a large amount of money; the family does not realize it until after they land in Florida. In New York, Kevin tours the city and tricks the staff at the Plaza Hotel into giving him a room with Peter's credit card. During a visit to Central Park, Kevin is scared by the appearance of a woman tending to pigeons.

On Christmas Eve, Kevin tours the city in a limousine and visits a toy store where he meets its philanthropic owner, Mr. Duncan. Kevin learns that the proceeds from Christmas sales will be donated to a children's hospital. Duncan gives Kevin a pair of ceramic turtledoves as a gift, instructing him to give one to another person as a sign of eternal friendship. After encountering the Wet Bandits Harry and Marv, Kevin is chased to the hotel. Mr. Hector, the hotel concierge, confronts Kevin about the credit card which has been reported stolen. Kevin flees, but is captured by the Wet Bandits. They discuss plans for robbing the toy store that night, before Kevin manages to escape.

The McCallisters travel to New York after locating the stolen credit card and Kate searches the city for Kevin. Meanwhile, Kevin goes to his Uncle Rob's townhouse. After arriving he finds the house vacant and undergoing renovations and that his uncle and his family are in Paris. In Central Park, he comes across the pigeon lady. When Kevin gets his foot caught while running away, she frees him. The pair observe a local orchestra performance together and Kevin learns how her life has fallen apart and how she dealt with it by taking care of the pigeons in the park. Kevin vows to the pigeon lady that he will be her friend.

Kevin later returns to the townhouse and rigs it with various booby traps. Kevin arrives at the toy store during Harry and Marv's break in, throws a brick through the window to set off the store's alarm, and leads the pair to the townhouse, triggering numerous traps. When the Wet Bandits close on Kevin, he flees the townhouse and calls the police. Harry and Marv catch Kevin and take him to Central Park so they could kill him. Harry pulls out a tarnish sticking gun, and is just about to kill Kevin, but the pigeon lady incapacitates the bandits with her pigeons and Kevin sets off fireworks he had bought earlier to signal the police. Harry and Marv are arrested, while at the toy store, Mr. Duncan finds a note from Kevin attached to the brick explaining what had happened.

Meanwhile, Kate remembers Kevin's fondness for Christmas trees. Kevin makes a wish at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Kate finds him there and the two reconcile. On Christmas Day, a truckload of gifts arrive at the McCallister's hotel room from the toy store. Kevin and Buzz make peace and Buzz allows him to open up the first present. Kevin goes to Central Park to give the pigeon lady the second turtledove. At the hotel, Buzz receives the bill for Kevin's stay. Kevin hears Peter call out "Kevin, you spent $967 on room service?", at which point he runs off.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1992-11-20 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1992-12-04 : South Africa

Theatrical : 1992-12-04 : Spain

Theatrical : 1992-12-08 : Indonesia

Theatrical : 1992-12-10 : Australia

Theatrical : 1992-12-10 : Germany

Theatrical : 1992-12-11 : Finland

Theatrical : 1992-12-11 : Ireland

Theatrical : 1992-12-11 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 1992-12-16 : France

Theatrical : 1992-12-17 : Czechoslovakia

Theatrical : 1992-12-17 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 1992-12-17 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 1992-12-18 : Brazil

Theatrical : 1992-12-18 : Hungary

Theatrical : 1992-12-18 : Italy

Theatrical : 1992-12-18 : Portugal

Theatrical : 1992-12-18 : South Korea

Theatrical : 1992-12-19 : Japan

Theatrical : 1992-12-24 : Taiwan

Theatrical : 1992-12-25 : Colombia

Theatrical : 1992-12-25 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1992-12-25 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1992-12-25 : Uruguay

Theatrical : 1993-01-15 : Turkey

Theatrical : 1993-01-18 : Egypt

Theatrical : 1993-12-17 : Estonia

DVD : 2000-12-11 : Greece

1992-11-15 : United States of America