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Homecoming (1948)

aka Homecoming

"The Stirring stoy of a Dangerous and romantic journey"

Directed By: 
Details: 113 mins


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Small Dr. Robert Sunday
Small Miss Stoker
Small Staff Sgt. 'Mac' McKeen
Small 'Monk' Monkevickz
Small Mrs. Kirby
Small Lt. Col. Avery Silver
Small Col. Ulysses Delby 'Lee' Johnson
Small Lt. Jane 'Snapshot' McCall
Small Mrs. Penny Johnson
No_movie_poster Nurse Aldine Bradford


No_movie_poster Paul Osborn Writer
Small Mervyn LeRoy Director
No_movie_poster Jan Lustig Adaptation
No_movie_poster Sidney Kingsley Story
No_movie_poster Sidney Franklin Production
No_movie_poster Sidney Kingsley Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Jan Lustig Story Contributor


"The Stirring stoy of a Dangerous and romantic journey"


Ulysses Johnson (Clark Gable) is a surgeon coming back from World War II. As he is sitting on the transport boat taking him back to America, he is asked by a reporter about his experiences during the war. Johnson begins to tell him his story, beginning in 1941. Johnson was the Chief Surgeon at a hospital free of emotional attachment to his patients. He joins the army and has a cocktail party with his wife, Penny (Anne Baxter). While at the party, a colleague of his, Dr. Robert Sunday (John Hodiak), accuses Johnson of being unsentimental, a hypocrite, and joining the army out of purely selfish motivation. Penny breaks up the fray and she and Johnson spend their last night together sipping cocktails.

Johnson then boards a transport ship where he meets Lt. Jane "Snapshot" McCall (Lana Turner). Although they initially do not get along, they eventually find they have a lot in common and become fast friends. Their friendship is at numerous moments tested as they begin to fall in love with one another. After taking a trip to bathe, Johnson and Snapshot come back to the base to find that a friend of Johnson's, Sergeant Monkevickz (Cameron Mitchell), is dying from a malaria ruptured spleen. Johnson remembers that during his argument with Dr. Sunday, Sunday mentioned that people in Chester Village, where Monkevickz was from, were dying from malaria and being neglected by physicians. Johnson tells Snapshot that he treated Monkevicks without enough care as to treat him like a human being. To atone, Johnson asks Penny to visit Monkevickz's father. When Penny arrives at the house, she finds Doctor Sunday there and confesses that she is jealous of Snapshot, whom Johnson has mentioned in letters, and believes that Johnson and Snapshot are having an affair.

Meanwhile, Johnson and Snapshot have grown closer and when she is reassigned to a different outfit, she and Johnson kiss. They depart, but again encounter one another in Paris. They fall back in love, but leave to rescue the 299th division, which has fallen victim to enemy fire in the Battle of the Bulge. The story turns back to Johnson returning to his home following the war as a far more world-weary man. He returns to Penny, a ghost of his former self. He apologizes to Dr. Sunday for not heeding his warnings about the malaria in Chester Village and confesses to Penny his love for Snapshot, but tells Penny that Snapshot died of a shell fragment wound. The film ends leaving the viewer to assume that Johnson and Penny patch up their differences and live happier lives.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : France

Theatrical : 1948-04-29 : United States of America

Theatrical : United States of America

Theatrical : 1948-10-21 : Australia

Theatrical : 1948-12-26 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1949-03-24 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1949-05-10 : Portugal

Theatrical : 1949-08-19 : Finland

Theatrical : 1950-07-14 : Japan

Theatrical : 1950-08-15 : Austria

Theatrical : 1951-09-28 : West Germany

Theatrical : 1960-11-25 : Finland