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Hondo (1953)

aka Hondo

Directed By: 
Details: 83 mins · English


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Small Hondo Lane
Small Angie Lowe
Small Bufallo Baker
Small Vittorio
No_movie_poster Silva
Small Lennie
No_movie_poster Lt. McKay
Small Johnny Lowe
Small Major Sherry
No_movie_poster Lowes Partner
No_movie_poster Pferdehändler
No_movie_poster Otawanga
No_movie_poster Pete
Small Ed Lowe


No_movie_poster Robert Burks Director of Photography
Small John Wayne Producer
No_movie_poster Ralph Dawson Editor
No_movie_poster Hugo Friedhofer Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Archie Stout Director of Photography
No_movie_poster John Farrow Director
No_movie_poster James Edward Grant Screenplay
No_movie_poster Robert Fellows Producer
No_movie_poster Louis L'Amour Writer
No_movie_poster Ralph Dawson Editing


Hondo Lane (John Wayne) arrives on foot at a ranch where Mrs. Angie Lowe (Geraldine Page) and her son Johnny (Lee Aaker) have been deserted by her husband for months. Part Apache, Hondo tries to avoid confrontation with war chief Vittorio (Michael Pate), but finally bails out inexperienced West Point graduate Cavalry Lieutenant (Tom Irish) and old friend scout Buffalo (Ward Bond). When Hondo finally admits he had to kill Mr Lowe (Leo Gordon) in self-defense, Angie reveals her husband was a gambler, unfaithful, unkind, and only married her for her inheritance. She disagrees with Hondo's devotion to "truth", calls his desire to confess to Johnny selfish, and asks to leave with him and the remains of a wagon train heading towards his farm that looks just like hers.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1953-11-27 : United States of America

DVD : 2005-10-11