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Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves (1997)

aka Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

Directed By: 
Details: 75 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Small Wayne Szalinski
No_movie_poster Diane Szalinski
Small Adam Szalinski
No_movie_poster Patti Szalinski
Small Mitch Szalinski
Small Jill
Small Jenny Szalinski
Small Gordon Szalinski


No_movie_poster Dean Cundey Director
No_movie_poster Barry Bernardi Producer
No_movie_poster Charles Bornstein Editor
Small Joel Hodgson Screenplay
No_movie_poster Karey Kirkpatrick Screenplay
No_movie_poster Michael Tavera Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Raymond Stella Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Nell Scovell Screenplay


It has been 8 years since Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) blew up his son, Adam, into gigantic size. Nick Szalinski, like his sister Amy, is now living away from home to college, and Quark, the family dog, has passed away. Wayne is the president of Szalinski Labs, with his brother Gordon Szalinski (Stuart Pankin) as head of research and development. Adam (Bug Hall), now ten years old, is having trouble making his father understand that he wants to go to baseball camp instead of science camp like his father wants him to. Diane Szalinski (Eve Gordon) is having a hard time adjusting to Wayne's attempts to create new machines and raising her son. She and her sister-in-law, Patti (Robin Bartlett), are heading out of town for the weekend while Wayne and Gordon watch their kids.

Diane demands that Wayne get rid of the eyesore space-hogging seven-foot-tall Tiki Man sculpture that is in their hallway while she is out of town. He reluctantly agrees, but has a better plan in mind. He decides to secretly shrink it to carry with him always instead of giving it up, even though he was prohibited from ever using the machine again. While the kids are away buying groceries through a trick that Wayne pulls on them into doing so, he and Gordon carry it up to the attic where his famed shrinking machine resides. The shrinking machine has been upgraded and streamlined over the years (as it is headed for a place in the Smithsonian), and now sports a large red button to fire it. Much to their carelessness of not shutting the machine back off right away after succeeding in shrinking the Tiki Man, while down on the floor with magnifying glasses right in front of the machine searching for the now-shrunken Tiki Man, Wayne and Gordon are accidentally shrunk into 3/4 of an inch tall when a croquet ball accidentally rolls itself away from a shelf and lands on the button. After Patti finding out that she forgot to leave Gordon and Patti's son Mitch (Jake Richardson) the medicine for his potassium deficiency with him at home, the women decide to drive back. When they return, they hear a sound in the attic and go up to investigate. After going in, however, the same result that befell Wayne and Gorden happens as the shrink ray starts up again and another croquet ball activates it, shrinking Diane and Patti.

Adam and his cousins, Mitch and Jenny (Allison Mack) come home to find that their parents are not there (even though it was thanks to their car rolling out of the driveway and on to a neighbor's across the street, which was because of brake problems that started happening). From hearing an old message on the answering machine, they mistakenly think that their fathers are at the space shuttle launch. Diane is infuriated with Wayne's antics and they decide that they need to get their children's attention. After climbing a wicker chair, they decide to ride a fishing pole thread down from the attic window and into Adam's room. Jenny decides to throw a party with her friends in the living room, which infuriates the adults.

The shrunken adults reach Adam's room, ride on his Sharkruiser car on a Hot Wheels track, and accidentally fall into the laundry chute, landing in a basket of laundry at the bottom. However, their collapse into the basket signals Adam and Mitch to take up the laundry and sort it, which they do. They take the laundry all the way back up to Adam's room much to the parents' dismay of being back up there. The basket is dumped on the floor because Adam wants to secretly show Mitch a magazine having to do with baseball instead of science (which Adam has been hiding from his dad). Thinking that it might be a girly magazine even because they can't see it from their angle, the parents start getting upset at each other. As Mitch and Adam are called downstairs by Jenny, who returns from shopping for more stuff to clean up a kitchen mess they just made, they drop the magazine right by where their parents are standing, and Wayne takes the liberty to inspect it only to find out that it's just a new baseball instruction manual. Later as the group explore their way to the stairs, the group then stumbles upon a cockroach, from which Wayne saves Diane. Jenny's friends begin to arrive, including Jill (Mila Kunis), a girl Adam is interested in. While walking around, Wayne and his family watch as Mitch begins to stumble without his medicine. From that result, the group plans to split up with Wayne and Gordon planning on rewiring the speakers to make their voices loud, while Diane and Patti head to the kitchen to look for Mitch's medicine. The group uses Jenny's friend's bubble machine to float down to the first floor.

While the women land safely, the men's bubble flies out of control thanks to an air conditioner that Jenny turns on at just the right time for them to nearly land to safety, causing it to head towards and pop on the chandelier, with their luck landing them in a bowl of onion dip. They then proceed to nearly get eaten by the girls, but thanks to sloppy eater Jill, they fall out of the bowl and are safe. As Diane and Patti attempt to explore the kitchen and find a way to get up the counter, they stumble upon a daddy long-legs caught in a spider's web. With a moment of panic along with some regret of Diane not smashing it when she saw it much earlier, they finally realize that its foot is caught in the web and have a change of heart and rationality; therefore, Patti agrees to clear the web with a nail file. As she does so, Diane talks to the daddy long-legs and realizes that being his size is bad enough without her trying to kill him when she is normal size. In the meantime, Ricky King (Jojo Adams), Jenny's crush, comes over to the house with his friends uninvited and begin to liven things up at the party, as Wayne and Gordon try to hot-wire the speakers. Gordon agrees to be the one that climbs the speaker to be the one to speak into it when it's ready, while Wayne goes inside to hot-wire the system. As Ricky and his uninvited friends start mistreating Mitch and Adam, and while a slow song begins playing, Ricky asks Jenny to go to the kitchen with him. She does, only for Ricky to steal an unwanted kiss from her, which Diane and Patti witness. Jenny, angry at Ricky, reprimands and discourages him for doing so, stating that he could've asked if she wanted to kiss him in the first place. Ricky then claims that lots of girls like the way he kisses, but Jenny retorts that she doesn't act that way regardless. She then declares the party over, which gives Patti a new judgement on her.

Adam finds Mitch very ill and goes into the kitchen to look for his pills, which Diane and Patti could not push into view. Mitch manages to see the mothers and faints (either from surprise, lack of potassium, or both) and needs potassium in his system to stay awake. Adam, after remembering that he found out bananas have potassium from his dad, saves Mitch by getting Jenny to feed him some. However, following that event, Ricky and his friends begin to cause havoc at the party as revenge for Jenny's discouragement, scaring Jenny's friends. Still declaring the party over, Jenny demands Ricky and his friends to leave at once, but they refuse, saying that they'll leave when they want to. Fortunately, Wayne finally succeeds in hot-wiring the speakers, and Gordon pretends to be God, scaring Jenny's and Ricky's friends into leaving the house at once. Following the departure of the guests, Gordon reveals that the adults have been shrunk and that Diane and Patti are in the kitchen, which worries Jenny. The kids find all of their parents and places them in front of the shrink ray, having set it via Wayne's instructions to change them back into normal size. After deciding to give them a second chance, they all hit the button together.

After reuniting, Wayne announces he understands Adam's interest in baseball over science, and Diane tells Wayne that she is not going to "sweat the small stuff anymore" and that he can do whatever he likes with the Tiki Man. Patti begins to trust Jenny and acknowledges it to her, and Wayne decides to step down from the position of President of Szalinski Labs and get back to his true passion as a hands-on inventor, giving Gordon, who likes organizing things and is good with people, the job as President. The film's last shot reveals that Wayne has blown up the Tiki Man into tremendous size to loom over the house from the backyard.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2002-10-08