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Hot Stuff (1979)

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Hot Stuff (1979)

aka Hot Stuff

"You can't turn this mob over to the cops. They are the cops."

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Details: 91 mins · English


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Small Ernie Fortunato
Small Louise Webster
Small Doug von Horne
Small Captain John Geiberger
No_movie_poster Ramon
No_movie_poster Man with Cigars
Small Peter Fortunato


Small Dom DeLuise Director
Small Donald E. Westlake Writer
No_movie_poster Michael Kane Writer
No_movie_poster Neil Travis Editing


"You can't turn this mob over to the cops. They are the cops."


Three Miami cops (played by DeLuise, Pleshette and Reed), frustrated at their inability to convict the criminals they arrest, decide to set up a sting as a fencing operation to trap criminals in a pawn shop, recording the illegal transactions on the (then) new technology of videotape. With less than helpful support from their captain (Ossie Davis), the trio decides to re-sell some of their stolen items to stay in business. Trouble follows as the craziness continues. They run afoul of the local mob boss, Reed sees his car destroyed by a bomb (and laments "I just had it washed"), they have a shootout with gun runners at a waterfront condominium construction site, and they ultimately arrest the criminals en masse at a party. The original song Hot Stuff was written and performed by Reed.