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I Know Where I'm Going! (1947)

aka I Know Where I'm Going!

Details: 91 mins · English, Scottish Gaelic


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Small Joan Webster
Small Torquil MacNeil
No_movie_poster Catriona
Small Ruairidh Mhór
No_movie_poster Mr. Webster
No_movie_poster Mrs. Crozier
No_movie_poster Mrs. Robinson
No_movie_poster Postmistress
No_movie_poster John Campbell
No_movie_poster Mr. Robinson
No_movie_poster Sir Robert Bellinger
No_movie_poster Bridie
No_movie_poster Kenny
No_movie_poster Hunter


No_movie_poster Allan Gray Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Erwin Hillier Cinematography
Small Emeric Pressburger Director
Small Michael Powell Director
No_movie_poster John Seabourne Sr. Editor
Small Emeric Pressburger Production
Small Michael Powell Production
Small Emeric Pressburger Writer
Small Michael Powell Writer
No_movie_poster John Seabourne Sr. Editing


Joan Webster (Wendy Hiller) is a young middle class Englishwoman with an ambitious, independent spirit. She knows where she's going, or at least she thinks she does. She travels from her home in Manchester to the Hebrides to marry Sir Robert Bellinger, a very wealthy, much older industrialist, on the (fictitious) Isle of Kiloran.

When bad weather postpones the final leg of her journey—a boat trip to Kiloran—she is forced to wait it out on the Isle of Mull, among a community of people whose values are quite different from hers. There she meets Torquil MacNeil (Roger Livesey), a naval officer trying to go home to Kiloran for some shore leave. They are sheltered for the night in the nearby home of Torquil's friend, Catriona Potts (Pamela Brown).

The next day, on their way to catch a bus into town, they come upon the ruins of Moy Castle. Joan wants to take a look inside, but Torquil refuses to go in. When she reminds him that the terrible curse only applies to the Laird of Kiloran, Torquil introduces himself: he is the laird, and Bellinger has only leased his island. As the bad weather worsens into a full-scale gale, Torquil takes advantage of the delay to woo Joan, who becomes increasingly torn between her ambition and her growing attraction to him.

Desperate to salvage her carefully laid plans, Joan tries to persuade Ruairidh Mhór (Finlay Currie) to take her across to the island immediately, but the experienced sailor knows conditions are far too dangerous. Joan manages to bribe young Kenny (Murdo Morrison) into attempting it by offering him enough money to buy a half share in Ruairidh's boat and marry Ruairidh's daughter Bridie (Margot Fitzsimons). Torquil learns of the scheme and tries to talk Joan out of it, but she proves adamant and they have a blazing row. As Joan leaves for the boat Catriona points out that Joan is actually running away from him, the man Joan has fallen in love with. Armed with this knowledge, he races to the quayside and invites himself aboard. The boat's engine gets flooded and they are caught in the Corryvreckan whirlpool, but Torquil is able to restart the motor just in time and they return safely to Mull.

At last, the weather clears. Joan asks Torquil for a parting kiss before they go their separate ways. Torquil enters Moy Castle, and the curse takes effect almost immediately. A narrator relates that, centuries earlier, Torquil's ancestor had stormed the castle to capture his unfaithful wife and her lover. He had them bound together and cast into a water-filled dungeon with only a small stone to stand upon. When their strength gave out, they dragged each other into the water, but not before she placed a curse on the Lairds of Kiloran. Any who dared to step over the threshold would be chained to a woman to the end of his days. From the battlements, Torquil sees Joan marching resolutely toward him. They embrace.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1947-08-09 : United States of America