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I See a Dark Stranger (1947)

aka I See a Dark Stranger

"The woman hunt is on... For the girl with the little black book."

Details: 112 mins · English


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Small Bridie Quilty
Small Lt David Bayne
Small Miller
Small Uncle Timothy
Small Hawkins
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Small Barmaid
No_movie_poster Michael O'Callaghan
No_movie_poster Grandfather Edwards
No_movie_poster Danny Quilty
No_movie_poster Lt Spanswick
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Small police constable at Wynbridge
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No_movie_poster A.T.S. corporal
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No_movie_poster Bert Bates Production Manager
No_movie_poster Stuart Freeborn Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Sidney Gilliat Screenplay
No_movie_poster Frank Launder Director
No_movie_poster Wilkie Cooper Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Thelma Connell Editor
No_movie_poster William Alwyn Music
No_movie_poster Wolfgang Wilhelm Screenplay
Small Liam Redmond Additional Dialogue
No_movie_poster David Rawnsley Production Design
No_movie_poster Peter T. Davies Sound Recordist
No_movie_poster Norman Arnold Art Direction
No_movie_poster F.G. Bangs Production Manager
No_movie_poster Percy Hermes Director
No_movie_poster William Allan Camera Operator
No_movie_poster Stanley Lambourne Sound Recordist
No_movie_poster Cecil F. Ford Location Manager
No_movie_poster Sidney Gilliat Production
No_movie_poster Thelma Connell Editing


"The woman hunt is on... For the girl with the little black book."


In May 1944, during World War II, when nationalistic Irishwoman Bridie Quilty (Deborah Kerr) turns 21, she sets out to fulfill a lifelong dream engendered by listening to her late father's stories of the Irish Revolution. She leaves her small rural village and goes to Dublin. On the way, she shares a train compartment with J. Miller (Raymond Huntley), but believing him to be English, she is very brusque with him. Once in the city, she seeks out a famous ex-radical her father had supposedly fought alongside, Michael O'Callaghan (Brefni O'Rorke), and asks him to help her join the Irish Republican Army. However, he has mellowed as the situation in Ireland has improved and tries unsuccessfully to dissuade her from her overly romantic notion.

Miller turns out to be a secret agent assigned to break Nazi spy Oscar Pryce (David Ward) out of a British prison in Devon. When, by sheer chance, he runs into Bridey again, he recruits her for his task. She gets a job at The George, a hotel and bar in nearby Wynbridge Vale, and becomes acquainted with a sergeant, who unwittingly provides her with information about the prisoner's impending transfer to London.

This is the opportunity that Miller has been waiting for. However, he is disturbed by the arrival of Lieutenant David Baynes (Trevor Howard), a British officer on leave. Since there is little to attract anyone to the town, he suspects the newcomer of being a counter-intelligence agent. He orders Bridie to distract Baynes on the day of the transfer by persuading him to take her for a day out in the countryside. It turns out Baynes is merely there to gather material for his thesis on Oliver Cromwell, whom Bridey loathes intensely for his conquest of Ireland.

Miller succeeds in freeing Pryce, but both are shot fleeing from a roadblock. Pryce tells Miller where he hid a notebook, then remains behind to delay their pursuers. Miller manages to make his way to Bridie and gives her the location to pass along. Unwilling to risk seeing a doctor, he tells her to dispose of his body after he is dead. Bridie does so, and afterward boards a train as instructed, but her contact, an elderly woman, (Katie Johnson), is arrested before any exchange can take place. Not knowing what else to do, Bridie decides to return home.

However, she encounters David, who followed her aboard the train, and changes her mind, going to the Isle of Man instead to retrieve the book. She is trailed by David and a German spy (Norman Shelley). Bridie figures out that the cryptic information gives the location of the imminent D-Day invasion, which could result in the death of thousands of soldiers including Irishmen, so she burns the book. David saves her from being arrested as Miller's confederate, and afte telling Bridie that he loves her, she reveals to him her late career as a spy. Bridie tries to turn herself in to save David from betraying his duty as an officer to report her, but the Nazi and his cohorts abduct her. When David tracks them to a boat, he is caught as well. She refuses to tell what she knows.

The couple are smuggled into Ireland, where the spies fall in with a funeral procession to evade police searching for them. But the mourners are actually smugglers themselves, trying to illegally enter Northern Ireland with a load of alarm clocks, and when one goes off in the coffin at the border crossing, the fleeing criminals unwitting help them to escape. David phones for the police from a pub, mistakenly believing that they are still in Ireland, where Bridie would merely be interned. When he realizes that they are actually in Northern Ireland, and that Bridie is in danger of being shot as a spy, he tries to persuade her to flee across the nearby border, but she obstinately insists on staying with him. Then, they hear on the radio that D-Day has begun. Her information now useless, she escapes. David discovers the spies in the rooms upstairs and a fight breaks out. The arriving police arrest everybody.

After the war, Bridie and David wed, but their marriage gets off to a rocky start when David stops at the Cromwell Arms for their honeymoon night.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2003-01-21