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I, the Jury (1953)

aka I, the Jury

"MICKEY SPILLANE'S Kind of Fury, Savagery, Temptation and Man-Woman Violence in 3-D!"

Directed By: 
Details: 87 mins · English


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Small Mike Hammer
Small Capt. Pat Chambers
Small Charlotte Manning
Small Velda
Small George Kalecki
Small Eileen Vickers
Small Milt Miller
No_movie_poster Myrna Devlin
No_movie_poster Hal Kines (as Robert Cunningham)
No_movie_poster Mary Bellamy (as Tani Seitz)
No_movie_poster Esther Bellamy (as Dran Seitz)
Small Pete, Elevator Operator
No_movie_poster Marty
Small Dr. R.H. Vickers, Veterinarian
Small Manuel
No_movie_poster Jack Williams


No_movie_poster Franz Waxman Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Victor Saville Producer
No_movie_poster Harry Essex Director
No_movie_poster Mickey Spillane Novel
Small John Alton Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Betty Pagel Casting
No_movie_poster Harry Essex Writer
No_movie_poster Mickey Spillane Story Contributor


"MICKEY SPILLANE'S Kind of Fury, Savagery, Temptation and Man-Woman Violence in 3-D!"


Shortly before Christmas in New York, one-armed insurance investigator Jack Williams (Robert Swanger) is looking at a college yearbook photo of John Hansen when someone slips into his apartment and shoots him to death. Hot-headed private investigator Mike Hammer (Biff Elliot), Jack's war buddy, vows to avenge his friend's death despite a warning from Pat Chambers (Preston Foster), captain of the homicide squad, to let the police handle the case. Pat is unable to calm Mike, who roughs up a wisecracking reporter before leaving the crime scene. Knowing that Mike will forge ahead with an investigation regardless of his advice, Pat urges the offended reporter to publish an article broadcasting that Mike is on the job.

Mike goes to see Jack's fiancée, Myrna Devlin, a torch singer and reformed drug addict, but she is too distraught to talk with him. The next day, Mike's secretary Velda tells him about the article, titled "I, the Jury," which suggests that Mike knows the identity of the killer, thereby making him a target. Because Pat has given him a guest list from Jack's recent party, Mike surmises that the police captain is using him to draw out the killer. Mike begins his investigation based on the guest list, first visiting wealthy fight promoter and art collector George Kalecki (Alan Reed) in upstate New York. Kalecki introduces his live-in friend, John Hansen, as college student Hal Kines (Bob Cunningham), and claims they were home together after the party. As Mike is leaving he looks through a window and sees the men arguing. Mike next visits alluring psychoanalyst and author Charlotte Manning (Peggie Castle), who was treating both Jack and Myrna. Charlotte flirts with Mike but provides no new information.