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I, Tonya (2017)


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Details: 2hours mins · English


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An energetic and funny film with some interesting things to say about the American dream, fame and their class system. The whole cast is great, although I felt that the character of Jeff, the husband, was a little under-written. Paul Walter Hauser's hilarious performance as Shawn almost steals the film.
I don't remember much about the real life incident on which the film is based, but as presented here Harding is both a victim of dumb, violent men and a strong-willed survivor fighting for the right to do the one thing she's any good at.
The style is very reminiscent of Goodfellas (voice-over and talking to camera, freeze frames, non stop vintage pop soundtrack, black comedy and regular outbursts of violence) but it's an approach that suits the story well and makes it very entertaining.

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must watch

Regardless of the veracity of the film’s story, or the politics behind glorifying Tonya Harding, this is an incredible movie. The cast is fabulous. The storytelling framework of breaking the fourth wall is clever and enjoyable. The climax is really emotional. Long story short, this is an amazing movie.

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The true story of Olympic ice skater Tonya Harding, her rocky marriage, her domineering mother, and her rivalry with skater Nancy Kerrigan.