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Imitation of Life (1959)

Imitation of Life (1959)

aka Imitation of Life

Directed By: 
Details: 125 mins · English


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Small Lora Meredith
Small Annie Johnson
Small Steve Archer
Small Susie (im Alter von 16)
No_movie_poster Sarah Jane, age 18
Small Allen Loomis
Small David Edwards
No_movie_poster Sarah Jane, age 8
No_movie_poster Susie, age 6
No_movie_poster Young man
No_movie_poster Photographer
Small Showgirl
Small Frankie
Small Annette
No_movie_poster Choir Soloist


No_movie_poster Russell Metty Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Allan Scott Screenplay
No_movie_poster Frank Skinner Music
No_movie_poster Eleanore Griffin Screenplay
No_movie_poster Ross Hunter Producer
No_movie_poster Douglas Sirk Director
No_movie_poster Fannie Hurst Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Milton Carruth Editing


In 1947, widow Lora Meredith (Lana Turner) dreams of becoming a famous Broadway actress. Losing track of her young daughter Susie at the beach (portrayed as a child by Terry Burnham), she asks a stranger named Steve Archer (John Gavin) to help her find the girl. Susie is found and looked after by Annie Johnson (Juanita Moore), a black divorcee with a daughter, Sarah Jane (portrayed as a child by Karin Dicker), who is about Susie's age. Unlike her mother, Sarah Jane shows her mixed-race ancestry and can pass for white, which she does with fierce zeal and fervor. In return for Annie's kindness, Lora takes Annie and her daughter in temporarily. Annie persuades Lora to let her stay, so that the widow can pursue an acting career.

With struggles along the way, Lora becomes a star of stage comedies, with Alan Loomis (Robert Alda) as her agent and David Edwards (Dan O'Herlihy) as her chief playwright. Although Lora had begun a relationship with Steve Archer, the stranger she met at the beach, their courtship falls apart because he does not want her to be a star. Lora's concentration on her career prevents her from spending time with her daughter, who sees more of Annie. Annie and Sarah Jane have their own problems, as Sarah Jane is struggling with her mixed-race identity and wants to pass for white because of its privileges in the society.

Eleven years later, in 1958, Lora is a highly regarded Broadway star living in a luxurious home in New York. Annie continues to live with her, serving all at once as nanny, housekeeper, confidant and best friend. After rejecting David's latest script (and his marriage proposal), Lora takes a role in a dramatic play. At the show's after-party, she meets Steve, whom she has not seen in a decade. The two slowly begin rekindling their relationship, and Steve is reintroduced to Annie and the now-teenaged Susie (Sandra Dee) and Sarah Jane (Susan Kohner). When Lora is signed to star in an Italian motion picture, she leaves Steve to watch after Susie, and the teenager develops an unrequited crush on her mother's boyfriend.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1959-04-30 : United States of America

DVD : 2003-01-07