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Island of Lost Women (1959)

aka Island of Lost Women

"A Secret Eden Turned into a Raging Hell!"

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Details: 71 mins · English


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"A Secret Eden Turned into a Raging Hell!"


Island of Lost Women is a 71-minute, black-and-white movie, directed by Frank Tuttle, which was released by Warner Brothers in 1959.

Its plot borrows from the 1956 science fiction classic Forbidden Planet which, in turn, lifted much of its plot from Shakespeare's The Tempest. Jeff Richards plays Mark Bradley, a radio commentator whose pilot, Joe Walker (John Smith), is flying him across the Pacific to a conference in Australia. Engine troubles develop and Smith makes a forced landing on a small, perhaps uncharted island inhabited by Dr. Paul Lujan (Alan Napier).

Dr. Lujan, unfriendly to the point of hostility, orders the intruders to leave immediately but their plane has been too badly damaged to permit this. He then grudgingly introduces Bradley and Walker to his trio of young, beautiful daughters, Venus (Venetia Stevenson), Urana (Diane Jergens) and Mercuria (June Blair). The visitors soon learn that Dr. Lujan is a scientist who has fled the civilized world because of his fears of the havoc which can be wrought by the discovery of nuclear energy.

To the doctor's disapproval, two of his daughters fall in love with the two strangers, forcing them to choose between staying on the island or returning to civilization.