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Jet Pilot (1957)

aka Jet Pilot

"Exploding with all the power of the jet age... with all the passion of a daring love story!"

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 112 mins · English · G (USA)


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Small Col. Jim Shannon
Small Lt. Anna Marladovna Shannon / Olga Orlief
Small Maj. Gen. Black
Small Maj. Rexford
Small FBI Agent George Rivers
Small Col. Sokolov
Small Col. Matoff
No_movie_poster Gen. Langrad


Small Josef von Sternberg Director
No_movie_poster Jules Furthman Writer
Small Howard Hughes Production


"Exploding with all the power of the jet age... with all the passion of a daring love story!"


A Russian defector lands a jet fighter aircraft on an American airstrip. The base commander, Air Force Colonel Jim Shannon (John Wayne) is surprised to find that the pilot is an attractive woman, Lieutenant Anna Marladovna (Janet Leigh). When she asks for asylum, but refuses to disclose any military information, Shannon is assigned to seduce her. They fall in love. Worried about the possibility of deportation, Jim marries her without permission.

When they return from their unauthorized honeymoon, Major General Black (Jay C. Flippen) takes Jim aside and informs him that his new wife is a spy, sent to relay information back to the USSR. The Americans decide to play along, and escalate the situation.

Shannon goes home to tell Anna that she is to be imprisoned for years, then deported when she is finally released. To save her, they hatch an escape plan, steal an aircraft and fly to Soviet airspace. Their arrival is not shown, but Anna is criticized for allowing Shannon to crash the more advanced American aircraft when Russian fighters closed in, rather than fighting back. She says that she considered shooting him, then decided that he would be more valuable for his knowledge than the plane would have been.

While they are there, Shannon discovers that Anna is pregnant. Shannon is then assigned to help test new aircraft, a pretext for drugging him and pumping him for information about American aircraft. He learns much about Soviet capabilities from the questions he is asked, while only giving up outdated information in return. When Anna discovers this, she initially plans to turn him in, learns he is to be drugged into permanent insensibility, then lets her personal feelings override her sense of duty. She finds herself under suspicion, disposes of the agent sent to keep an eye on her, steals an aircraft and escapes back to the West with Shannon.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2000-03-10