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Johnny Apollo (1940)

aka Johnny Apollo

"Not since "Jesse James" has he had such as role!"

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 94 mins · English


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Small Bob Cain
Small 'Lucky' Dubarry
Small Robert Cain Sr.
Small Mickey Dwyer
Small Judge Emmett T. Brennan
Small Jim McLaughlin


Small Henry Hathaway Director
No_movie_poster Harry Joe Brown Production


"Not since "Jesse James" has he had such as role!"


After his father "Pop" Cain is sent to prison for embezzlement of funds, Bob Cain, Jr., quits college to look for a job, but is unable to find one.

A gangster, Mickey Dwyer, sentenced around the same time as Pop, is granted a parole. Bob goes to see Dwyer's attorney, a judge named Emmett T. Brennan, to inquire how to go about getting Pop a parole as well. With money, he is told.

Bob decides to work for Dwyer to raise the dough. He goes by the alias Johnny Apollo and meets the gangster's girlfriend, Lucky Dubarry, who is immediately attracted to him. But when his father behind bars hears his son is now a criminal, a disgusted Pop Cain wants nothing more to do with him.

Double-crossed on a job, Dwyer murders the judge. Both he and Bob are sent to prison. A jailbreak is set in motion, but Lucky is able to sneak word of it to Pop, who prevents his son from getting involved. An angry Dwyer shoots Pop and knocks out Bob, but is then killed by guards.

Bob is blamed and faces a longer sentence, perhaps even execution. Pop recovers, however, and alibis his son. Bob's future looks brighter, particularly with Lucky on the outside, waiting for him.