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Joy House (1964)

aka Joy House

"The Women of the "Joy House" Allowed Him Every Freedom...Except the Freedom to Leave!"

Directed By: 
Details: 97 mins · English, French


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Small Marc
Small Melinda
Small Barbara
Small Harry
No_movie_poster Loftus
No_movie_poster Vincent
No_movie_poster Father Nielson
No_movie_poster Employee


No_movie_poster Henri Decaë Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Lalo Schifrin Original Music Composer
Small René Clément Director
No_movie_poster Jacques Bar Producer
No_movie_poster Pascal Jardin Dialogue
No_movie_poster Charles Williams Novel
No_movie_poster Day Keene Novel
No_movie_poster Fedora Zincone Editor


"The Women of the "Joy House" Allowed Him Every Freedom...Except the Freedom to Leave!"


In Monte Carlo, Marc, a handsome cardsharp, escapes American gangsters who have been ordered to kill him by the boss of a New York gang because he had an affair with the boss's wife. Marc hides in a mission for the poor where Barbara, a wealthy widow, finds him and hires him as her chauffeur. At Barbara's chateau, Melinda, Barbara's niece, becomes attracted to him. Marc discovers that Barbara is hiding her lover, Vincent, in the secret rooms and passageways of the chateau. She and Vincent (a bank robber sought by the police for murdering Barbara's husband) plan to murder Marc so that Vincent may use his passport in escaping to South America. Marc and Barbara begin an affair but are discovered by Vincent, who then kills Barbara but is himself killed by the American gangsters, who mistake him for Marc. Marc and Melinda plan to dispose of the two bodies, but when Melinda learns that Marc is planning to leave without her, she tricks the police into believing Marc guilty and forces him to hide in the chateau's secret rooms. He is her prisoner, just as Vincent had been her aunt's.