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King Rat (1965)

aka King Rat

"They made the toughest among them... King!"

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Details: 134 mins · English


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"They made the toughest among them... King!"


Corporal King is an anomaly in the Japanese prison camp; one of a handful of Americans amongst the British and Australian inmates, he thrives through his conniving and black market enterprises, while others (nearly all of higher rank) struggle to survive the sickness and starvation, while trying to keep their civilised nature. King recruits upper class British RAF officer, Flight Lieutenant Peter Marlowe (James Fox) to act as a translator. As they become acquainted, Marlowe comes to like the man and appreciate his cunning. King respects Marlowe but his attitude is otherwise ambiguous; when Marlowe is injured, King obtains expensive medicines to save the gangrenous arm from amputation but it is unclear whether he does so out of friendship or because Marlowe is the only one who knows where the proceeds from King's latest and most profitable venture are hidden.

King has a different relationship with the lower class, seemingly-incorruptible British Provost, Lieutenant Grey (Tom Courtenay). Grey has only contempt for the American and does his best to bring him down. Grey has another dilemma, when he accidentally discovers that the high-ranking officer in charge of the meager food rations has been stealing, he rejects a bribe and zealously takes the matter to Colonel George Smedley-Taylor (John Mills). To his dismay Smedley-Taylor tells him that the corrupt officer and his assistant have been relieved of their duties but orders him to forget all about it. Grey accuses him of being in on the scheme but the tampered weight he presented to the colonel has been replaced and he no longer has proof of the crime. Smedley-Taylor offers to promote him to captain; when a troubled Grey does not respond, Smedley-Taylor takes his silence as agreement.

The camp commandant summons the senior British officers, notifies them that the Japanese have surrendered and that the war is over. A British paratrooper (Richard Dawson) walks up to the prison gates and disarms the guards, after overcoming their shock and disbelief, the prisoners celebrate – all except King. He realises he is no longer the unquestioned (if unofficial) ruler of the camp. He manages to squelch a premature attempt by resentful underling Sergeant Max (Patrick O'Neal) to reassert his rank and authority but that only delays the inevitable. When Marlowe speaks to him before his departure to the U.S. Army, King ignores his overture of renewed friendship.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2003-05-06