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La Cucaracha (1999)

aka La Cucaracha

"La Cucaracha"

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Details: 97 mins · English


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Small Walter Pool
Small Jose Guerra
No_movie_poster Herberto Ortega
No_movie_poster Louis Graves


No_movie_poster Jack Perez Director
No_movie_poster James McManus Writer
Small Lloyd Corrigan Director
No_movie_poster Kenneth Macgowan Production


"La Cucaracha"


La Cucaracha is a 1934 short musical film directed by Lloyd Corrigan. It was designed by Pioneer Pictures to display the new full-color Technicolor Process No. 4 ("three-strip" Technicolor), which had been used since 1932 mainly in Walt Disney cartoons. Jock Whitney and his cousin C. V. Whitney, the owners of Pioneer, were also major investors in Technicolor, Inc. La Cucaracha was made like a short feature and cost about $65,000. The usual short cost little more than $15,000.

Although La Cucaracha is sometimes called the first live-action use of Process No. 4, it was preceded by a musical number in the feature film The Cat and the Fiddle, released by MGM in February 1934, and in some short sequences filmed for other movies made during 1934, including the final sequences of The House of Rothschild (20th Century Pictures/United Artists) with George Arliss. Also, Warner Brothers released two Leon Errol shorts, Service With a Smile (28 July 1934) and Good Morning, Eve! (5 August 1934), just before La Cucaracha.

Producer Kenneth Macgowan won an Academy Award in 1935 for Best Short Subject (Comedy) for this film.