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Labor Day (2013)

Labor Day (2013)

aka Labor Day

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Details: 111 mins · English


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An unusual Jason Reitman film, but still much better than the critics despise it. The story is a pretty much off the shelf family melodrama, with heavy erotic tension between the lone and depressed housewife (Kate Winslet) and the strong escaped convict (Josh Brolin) who surprisingly makes a good husband and father, if not the whole village would be searching for him. So they try to escape together.

With most other directors and actors it would have been a painful and revealing experience, think Sam Mendes, and on the opposite end someone like Scorsese or Fincher would have overdone the tension and shock elements. Reitman plays more with the soundtrack and the excellent static camera, but not as boring as in "Road to Perdition" or "Revolutionary Road". Having Winslet and Brolin for sure helps a lot.

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I'll admit I only made it 40 minutes into this movie and then turned it off. I found it SO disturbing that the mother would be finding herself attracted to the convict who has taken herself and her son hostage. I knew it was a love story going into it, but the way it was played out just seemed so wrong that I just couldn't bring myself to get into it.

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There is some interesting aspects in this movie - in basic it's a romantic movie, but it involves a lot about groving up, friendship and hope. Absolutly worth watching.
Johs Brolin is great as the convict who escapes, I've only seen him in "men in Black 3" (where he is also brilliant) so i'll definately keep an eye out for hs movies in the future.

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Small Henry Wheeler
Small Adele
Small Frank
Small Gerald
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Small Jason Reitman Director
No_movie_poster Helen Estabrook Production
No_movie_poster Lianne Halfon Production
Small Jason Reitman Production
No_movie_poster Russell Smith Production
Small Jason Reitman Writer
No_movie_poster Joyce Maynard Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Dana E. Glauberman Editing


Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2014-02-07 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2014-02-20 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2014-02-13 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2014-03-06 : Italy

Theatrical : 2014-03-27 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2014-04-04 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2014-04-18 : Brazil

Theatrical : 2014-04-24 : Germany

Theatrical : 2014-06-19 : Denmark

Theatrical : 2014-01-31 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2013-12-27 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2014-02-07 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2013-12-25 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2014-01-31 : Spain

Theatrical : 2014-02-06 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2014-02-07 : Republic of Ireland

Theatrical : 2013-12-27 : Los Angeles

2013-10-18 : United States of America

2013-08-30 : United States of America

2013-09-07 : Canada

2013-10-12 : United States of America

2013-10-14 : United Kingdom

2013-10-30 : United States of America