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Ladies They Talk About (1933)

aka Ladies They Talk About


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Small Nan Taylor / Nan Ellis / Mrs. Andrews
Small David 'Dave' Slade (as Preston S. Foster)
Small Gangster Don
Small 'Sister' Susie
Small Prison Matron Noonan
No_movie_poster District Attorney Walter Simpson
No_movie_poster Lefty Simons
Small Nan Ellis
No_movie_poster Aunt Maggie
No_movie_poster Prisoner Linda
Small Mrs. Andrews


No_movie_poster William Keighley Director
No_movie_poster Howard Bretherton Director
No_movie_poster Raymond Griffith Production
No_movie_poster Sidney Sutherland Writer
No_movie_poster Brown Holmes Writer


Nan Taylor (Stanwyck) is accused of helping her friends rob a bank. Reform-minded David Slade (Foster) falls in love with her and gets her released. However, when she confesses that she is guilty, he has her imprisoned. Inside, she meets fellow inmates Linda (Roth), "Sister Susie" (Dorothy Burgess) and Aunt Maggie (Maude Eburne), and prison matron Noonan (Ruth Donnelly). Unlike most films of the women in prison genre, her fellow inmates are criminals, rather than innocents in prison by mistake. Taylor gets involved in a prison escape, has a year added to her sentence, and goes gunning for revenge when she is released.