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Lady in the Dark (1944)

aka Lady in the Dark

"The minx in mink with a yen for men!"

Directed By: 
Details: 100 mins · English


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Small Liza Elliott
Small Charley Johnson
No_movie_poster Miss Edwards
Small Allison DuBois
Small Dr. Brooks
No_movie_poster Liza's Mother
Small Miss Foster
Small Barbara
Small Russell Paxton
No_movie_poster Dr. Carlton
No_movie_poster Martha
No_movie_poster Barbara's Boyfriend
Small Kendall Nesbitt
Small Randy Curtis
No_movie_poster Maggie Grant
No_movie_poster Liza's Father


No_movie_poster Mitchell Leisen Director
No_movie_poster Albert Hackett Writer
No_movie_poster Frances Goodrich Writer
No_movie_poster Edward Chodorov Writer
No_movie_poster Moss Hart Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Alma Macrorie Editing


"The minx in mink with a yen for men!"


Life has become a series of headaches and bad dreams for Liza Elliott, the successful editor-in-chief of Allure fashion magazine. She is being romanced by publisher Kendall Nesbitt, but he is married and slow in obtaining a divorce. And her second-in-command, Charley Johnson, is a cut-up who drives her so crazy with his jokes, Liza ends up seeing him in her craziest dreams at night.

Reluctantly going into psychoanalysis with Dr. Alex Brooks, she discounts his theory that something from her past has caused Liza to take a no-nonsense approach to life and avoid all attempts at ever being glamorous.

Colleagues swoon when Hollywood movie star Randy Curtis arrives at Allure for a photo shoot. Kendall abruptly claims to be free at last, but Liza holds him off by accepting a dinner date offer from Randy instead. Aware that he doesn't care about her looks, the Allure editor becomes quite alluring herself in a beautiful dress for a change.

Charley quits to work for a magazine where he can be in charge. It turns out that all Randy is interested in is Liza running his studio's production company. While trying to persuade Charley to stay at Allure, she suddenly finds herself kissing him, the last man she'd ever expected to love.