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Lanka (2011)

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Lanka (2011)

aka Lanka

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Lanka is a modern take on the Ramayana with Sita's life being saved by Vibhishan (Raavan's brother) from Raavan.

"Lanka" begins in current day Mumbai with Anju (Tia Bajpai) telling about her past. Jaswant Sisodia (Manoj Bajpayee) is the don of a small town in UP, India called Bijnor. He rules the place and the police and politicians support him. He is in love with Anju, a doctor. Her father is the Chief Medical Officer of Bijnor. Anju is actually sexually exploited by Sisodia. He every night after taking drinks comes to her house and sleeps with her. She tries to commit suicide but her father stops her. She tries to run away but the house is guarded by Sisodia's men. Her father tries to meet the cops but they don't want to entertain him. Also, we never know how Anju became Sisodia's mistress.

The story takes a turn when Chote (Arjan Bajwa) enters Sisodia's house. He is Sisodia's mentor's son and Sisodia loves him like his own brother. Chote see Anju and from the very second gets attracted to her. He asks Sisodia who she is and he gets no reply. Later, Sisodia tells him to take care of a property near the town. When he goes there, he is beaten up the nearby villagers who claim the land is their's. Wounded, he fights back later at dawn, killing 7 people. Sisodia slaps him for the murders but then loves him and sees to it that the he is left off by the court as innocent. Because of this, the villagers and the local cop start making a plan to kill Sisodia.

Meanwhile, Anju who goes along with Chote for her master's exam. After the exam, she requests him to kill her but he tells her that one needs courage to live and not to die. And slowly he starts to fall in love with her. With an inner fight between right and wrong, loyalty and empathy, he leaves Sisodia's house and comes and stays at his place. Sisodia drunk and hurt comes to meet him, fights with him and when he's about to leave he is shot by an assassin (sent by the cop and villagers). Chote then protects Sisodia from the firing but gets shot in the back. Sisodia saves his life by taking to the hospital and vows to take revenge.

In the meantime, Anju who works in the same hospital starts to fall in love with Chote. Also, Anju's father has now joined hand with a crime branch officer of Lucknow and files a case against Sisodia. There Sisodia starts the revenge by killing all the people involved and it ends by Chote, who is discharged from hospital killing the cop in front of Sisodia.

Sisodia comes to know that Anju's father has filed a case against him. He along with Chote takes him to a brothel and warns him to withdraw the case otherwise he'll make her into a prostitute and sell her in Dubai. Chote is shocked to hear and Anju's father commits suicide after reaching home.

Chote realizing that he seen enough goes to the crime branch officer and files the case against Sisodia. The crime branch officer tells him that he would be termed a traitor by some and righteous by others but whatever he's doing is correct. Sisodia comes to know and in the night as Chote and Anju are leaving Bijnor, stops them. He confronts Chote. Chote tells him that he's wrong and needs to leave Anju. As Chote moves towards his bike, Sisodia shoots Chote. But after shooting him, he realizes his mistake and goes towards Chote. Chote dies in Sisodia's arms. He then looks upwards to see that Anju is pointing the gun towards him. He begs her to shoot him as he cannot live without Chote. She kills him by shooting him.

The movie ends with Anju thanking Chote for saving her life and says that Ram is not required everytime to save Sita's life. A Vibhishan is enough.