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Leap! (2017)

aka Ballerina

Details: 89 mins · English


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Small Felicie
Small Victor (US release)
Small Victor (French/Canada release)
No_movie_poster Odette
Small Luteau (US release)
No_movie_poster Camille
No_movie_poster Merante/Postman (postman in French/Canada release)
No_movie_poster Rudolph/Mathurin
No_movie_poster Regine/Mother Superior (US release)
No_movie_poster Regine (French/Canada release)
No_movie_poster Dora/Rosita
No_movie_poster Nora
No_movie_poster Director of Opera
No_movie_poster Greasy Guard/Janitor
No_movie_poster Mother Superior (French/Canada Release)
No_movie_poster Margarette
No_movie_poster Postman (US release)


No_movie_poster Eric Summer Director
No_movie_poster Eric Warin Director
No_movie_poster Laurent Zeitoun Producer
No_movie_poster Carol Noble Screenplay
No_movie_poster Valerie d'Auteuil Producer
No_movie_poster Nicolas Duval Adassovsky Producer
No_movie_poster Andre Rouleau Producer
No_movie_poster Yann Zenou Producer
No_movie_poster Klaus Badelt Music
No_movie_poster Jericca Cleland Cinematography
No_movie_poster Jean Aubert Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Yvann Thibaudeau Film Editing
No_movie_poster Eric Summer Screenplay
No_movie_poster Laurent Zeitoun Screenplay


n 19th century France, a young orphan named Félicie dreams of becoming a ballerina. She and her best friend Victor soon run away to Paris, where she enrolls in a prestigious dance school and competes for a chance to be a prima ballerina.