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Li'l Abner (1940)

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Li'l Abner (1940)

aka Trouble Chaser

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Details: 78 mins · English


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No_movie_poster Li'l Abner Yokum
Small Daisy Mae Scraggs
No_movie_poster Pansy 'Mammy' Yokum
No_movie_poster Lucifer 'Pappy' Yokum
Small Lonesome Polecat
No_movie_poster Cousin Delightful
Small Wendy Wilecat
No_movie_poster Granny Scraggs
Small Cornelius Cornpone
No_movie_poster Earthquake McGoon
Small Hairless Joe
No_movie_poster Marryin' Sam
No_movie_poster Montague
Small Barber
No_movie_poster The Sheriff / Mr. Oldtimer


No_movie_poster Albert S. Rogell Director
No_movie_poster Lou L. Ostrow Producer
No_movie_poster Charles Kerr Screenplay
No_movie_poster Tyler Johnson Screenplay
No_movie_poster Otto Ludwig Editing


Li'l Abner becomes convinced that he is going to die within twenty-four hours, so agrees to marry two different girls: Daisy Mae (who has chased him for years) and Wendy Wilecat (who rescued him from an angry mob). It is all settled at the Sadie Hawkins Day race.