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Little Children (2006)

aka Little Children

Details: 136 mins · English · R (USA)


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No_movie_poster Steak House Waiter
Small Brad Adamson
Small Kathy Adamson
Small Richard Pierce
No_movie_poster Lucy Pierce
Small Aaron Adamson
Small Larry Hedges
Small Ronnie J. McGorvey
No_movie_poster May McGorvey
No_movie_poster Jean
No_movie_poster Mary Ann
Small Theresa
No_movie_poster Cheryl
No_movie_poster Slutty Kay
No_movie_poster Tony Correnti
Small Richie Murphy
Small Pete Olafson
No_movie_poster "G"
No_movie_poster Richard's Secretary
No_movie_poster Marjorie
Small Bullhorn Bob
Small Sheila
No_movie_poster Concerned Mom at Pool #2
Small Sarah Pierce


No_movie_poster Thomas Newman Original Music Composer
Small Todd Field Director
No_movie_poster Leon Vitali Location Manager
No_movie_poster David Gropman Production Design
No_movie_poster Patrick J. Palmer Unit Production Manager
No_movie_poster Tom Perrotta Screenplay
No_movie_poster Albert Berger Producer
No_movie_poster Ron Yerxa Producer
No_movie_poster Antonio Calvache Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Leo Trombetta Editor
No_movie_poster Ray Quinlan Unit Production Manager
No_movie_poster Mike Topoozian First Assistant Editor
No_movie_poster Stacey Beneville Director
No_movie_poster Dana Belcastro Executive Producer
No_movie_poster John Kasarda Art Direction
No_movie_poster Susan Bode Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Martin Lasowitz Property Master
No_movie_poster Liz Bonaventura Scenic Artist
No_movie_poster Chip Williams Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Melissa Economy Costume Design
No_movie_poster Michelle Johnson Hairstylist
No_movie_poster Albert Berger Production
Small Todd Field Production
Small Todd Field Writer
No_movie_poster Tom Perrotta Story Contributor


Sarah Pierce is a reluctant housewife and mother in an upper-middle class suburb of Boston. She is married to Richard Pierce, a successful yet distant husband, who is secretly obsessed with an internet porn star. Sarah refers to her daughter Lucy as an "unknowable little person" and feels out of place around the other ideal suburban mothers at a local playground.

Brad Adamson is a former college football player who's married to Kathy, a documentary filmmaker, with a young son named Aaron. Brad is depressed and frustrated, as his wife is the breadwinner and he is a stay-at-home father who has failed the bar exam twice. Each day he leaves home with the pretense of going to the library to study, but spends the time watching skateboarders at the nearby park. He joins a policeman's touch football team at the urging of a friend, Larry Hedges, a disgraced former police officer.

Sarah and Brad meet on the school playground, where Sarah suggests they hug to surprise the watching mothers nearby. Brad kisses her, and it quickly becomes apparent that the two are attracted to each other. Over the course of several visits to the local pool, Sarah and Brad get to know each other, and soon begin an affair.

Meanwhile, Ronnie McGorvey, who has served a prison sentence for indecent exposure to a minor, has moved back into the neighborhood to live with his mother. Larry launches a harassment campaign against Ronnie, handing out posters, vandalizing his house, harassing and almost assaulting the man and his mother. Ronnie's mother, Mae, tries to help by setting Ronnie up on a date, which ends badly with him masturbating in his date's car outside a children's playground.

Brad and Sarah finally see each other at a football game, where he asks her to run away with him; the two agree to meet up at a local park the next night. After the game a drunken Larry goes to McGorvey's house and further harasses him, using a megaphone to wake the entire neighborhood. Mrs. McGorvey tries to stop him, but Larry pushes her down. She has a heart attack and later dies in the hospital. Ronnie is devastated at losing the one person who loved him.

That evening Sarah packs a bag and takes Lucy to the playground to wait for Brad. On the way to the playground, Brad is again transfixed by the young skateboarders, who dare him to try one jump on a short stair rail. Brad can't resist and ends up injuring himself. Sarah is unexpectedly met at the playground by Ronnie instead and tries to comfort him, leaving Lucy to wander off by herself. This frightens Sarah. Once she finds Lucy, Sarah tearfully embraces her daughter and goes home. Brad is taken to the hospital and asks the police officer on the scene to call his wife.

Larry comes to the park to find Ronnie and apologize for harassing him. Noticing blood dripping off Ronnie, he is horrified to discover that Ronnie has castrated himself. Panicked, Larry picks Ronnie up and takes him to the hospital; the latter's fate is left unresolved. Concurrently, Kathy meets Brad's ambulance at the emergency room doors; he smiles at her before being taken in, portending a less ambiguous conclusion than Ronnie's. The film ends with Sarah sleeping alongside Lucy in their home, with the last shot slowly drifting away from the house towards two (now vacant) swings - the place where Brad and Sarah first met.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2007-05-01