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Little Nikita (1988)

aka Little Nikita

"He went to bed an all-American kid and woke up the son of Russian spies."

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 98 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Excellent spy-action movie

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Small Roy Parmenter
Small Jeff Grant
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No_movie_poster Bo Goldman Screenplay
No_movie_poster László Kovács Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Marvin Hamlisch Original Music Composer
Small Richard Benjamin Director
No_movie_poster Jacqueline Cambas Editor
No_movie_poster Harry Gittes Producer
No_movie_poster John Hill Screenplay
No_movie_poster Art Levinson Production
No_movie_poster Jacqueline Cambas Editing


"He went to bed an all-American kid and woke up the son of Russian spies."


Jeffrey Nicolas Grant (River Phoenix), a brash hyperactive high school student lives in a San Diego suburb with his parents, who own a successful garden centre. Keen to fly, he has applied for entry to the Air Force Academy.

During a routine background check on Jeff, FBI agent Roy Parmenter (Poitier) finds contradictory information on his parents, making him suspect that all is not as it should be. Further investigations reveal that they may be 'sleeper' agents for the Soviet Union with a teenager son, Jeff Nicholas.

Unable to arrest them as they haven't actually done anything yet, Roy continues his investigation, and moves into the house across the street from the Grant family. He warms his way into their confidence.

He eventually confronts Jeff with his suspicions and seeks Jeff's cooperation to learn more about his family. Initially unbelieving, Jeff is soon forced to accept the facts and discovers that even his own name is fictitious, his real name is Nikita.

Roy confides to Jeff that twenty years earlier, his partner was killed by a Soviet agent, known only as 'Scuba' (Richard Lynch), and that he's still at large. It transpires that 'Scuba' is now a rogue agent, killing KGB agents one by one, including "sleepers". Meanwhile, a spy-catcher, Konstantin Karpov (Richard Bradford), has been sent from the Soviet embassy in Mexico to 'reel in' Scuba.

Jeff is captured and held as a hostage at gunpoint by Karpov, as he and 'Scuba' make their way to the Mexican border on the San Diego Trolley. Roy has also confronted them and is holding Karpov at gunpoint. At the border, the situation resolves itself; Karpov and 'Scuba' cross into Mexico, and the Grant family remain in the USA. It remains unclear what their fate will be.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2002-09-17