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Major Barbara (1941)

aka Major Barbara

Details: 131 mins · English


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Small Major Barbara Undershaft
Small Adolphus Cusins
Small Andrew Undershaft
Small Bill Walker
No_movie_poster The General
Small Snobby Prince
No_movie_poster Lady Britomart
No_movie_poster Sarah Undershaft
No_movie_poster Stephen Undershaft
No_movie_poster Charles Lomax
Small Jenny Hill


Small George Bernard Shaw Screenplay
Small Gabriel Pascal Director
Small David Lean Director
No_movie_poster Harold French Director
No_movie_poster Anatole de Grunwald Writer
Small Gabriel Pascal Writer
Small George Bernard Shaw Other
Small George Bernard Shaw Story Contributor
Small David Lean Editing
No_movie_poster Charles Frend Editing


In this social satire, Barbara Undershaft (Hiller), an idealistic major in the Salvation Army, is deeply troubled by the fact that her father, Andrew Undershaft (Robert Morley), is a wealthy weapons manufacturer. Meanwhile, Andrew is looking for an heir for his industrial empire, in particular a foundling like himself.