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Margie (1946)

Margie (1946)

aka Margie

"This is the Picture!!"

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 94 mins · English, French


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Small Henry King Director
No_movie_poster Barbara McLean Editing


"This is the Picture!!"


Starting in 1946, Margie (Jeanne Crain ) is a housewife who looks back to her teenage life in the 1920s. Back then, she was a joyful, high-spirited girl living with her dominant but good-hearted grandmother McSweeney (Esther Dale). She did not have many friends, except for her neighbor Marybelle Tenor (Barbara Lawrence), an outgoing teen who had a relationship with the handsome but dimwitted jock Johnny Green (Conrad Janis). Margie secretly had a small crush on Johnny as well, but she was more smitten with Prof. Ralph Fontayne (Glenn Langan), a popular professor who taught French at her high school. Meanwhile, fellow teen Roy Hornsdale (Alan Young) was in love with Margie and attempted to court her, without any luck. Her grandmother thought he was a suitable partner for her, but Margie had more interest in either John or Mr. Fontayne.

One day, Margie entered a debate competition. There, she was reunited with her father (Hobart Cavanaugh), who lived apart from her. Not much later, Margie went ice skating with her friends, when she suddenly fell. She was helped by Mr. Fontayne, who then realized how special Margie was. When the homecoming dance was finally nearing, Margie's date Roy was not allowed to attend the dance. Margie was devastated, but her grandmother assured her that she had arranged a mysterious substitute. McSweeney contacted Margie's father to attend the dance with his daughter. However, before he was able to arrive Mr. Fontayne stopped by, to tell Margie how well she did on her latest paper.

Margie, who did not know who was replacing Roy as her date, mistook Mr. Fontayne for being the substitute. When Fontayne explained he is merely stopping by for the compliment and that he is actually taking Miss Palmer (Lynn Bari), who works at the school library, to the dance, Margie burst out in tears. In the end, she decided to attend the dance anyways, escorted by her father. Fast forward to the present, it turns out Margie is married to Fontayne, who now is the principal at the same high school.