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Mars Attacks! (1996)

aka Mars Attacks!

"Nice planet. We'll take it!"

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 106 mins · English, French · PG-13 (USA)


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Small President James Dale / Art Land
Small First Lady Marsha Dale
Small Barbara Land
Small Professor Donald Kessler
Small Rude Gambler
Small Press Secretary Jerry Ross
Small Nathalie Lake
Small Jason Stone
Small General Decker
Small Himself
Small Taffy Dale
Small Richie Norris
Small Grandma Florence Norris
No_movie_poster Martian Girl
Small Byron Williams
Small Louise Williams
Small General Casey
Small Sharona
Small Byron Williams
Small Richie's Dad
Small Billy Glenn Norris
Small President James Dale
Small Mitch, Secret Service Agent
Small Art Land
Small Dr. Zeigler
No_movie_poster Neville Williams
Small Cedric Williams


No_movie_poster Peter Suschitzky Director of Photography
Small Tim Burton Director
No_movie_poster Larry J. Franco Producer
No_movie_poster Laurie Parker Producer
No_movie_poster Jonathan Gems Screenplay
Small Danny Elfman Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Victor Herbert Additional Soundtrack
No_movie_poster Chris Lebenzon Editor
No_movie_poster Matthew Barry Casting
No_movie_poster Jeanne McCarthy Casting
No_movie_poster Victoria Thomas Casting
No_movie_poster Wynn Thomas Production Design
No_movie_poster John Dexter Art Direction
No_movie_poster Nancy Haigh Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Colleen Atwood Costume Design
Small Tim Burton Production
No_movie_poster Jonathan Gems Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Chris Lebenzon Editing


"Nice planet. We'll take it!"

"Nice planet. We'll take it."

"YIKES! They've Landed!"


When Martians surround Earth with an armada of flying saucers, President James "Jimmy" Dale addresses America concerning the historic event. People around the country follow the story, including news anchors in New York, employees and guests at the Luxor Las Vegas hotel in Nevada and a trailer trash family in fictional Perkinsville, Kansas. The President's science aides set up a first contact meeting with the Martians in Pahrump, Nevada.

Using a universal translator, the Martians announce they have "come in peace." However, when a hippie releases a dove as a symbol of peace, the Martians shoot it down and attack the army and gathered crowd. General Casey, Jason Stone, and Billy-Glenn are among those killed. Thinking that the reason for this is a "cultural misunderstanding," President Dale has Professor Donald Kessler continue negotiations with the Martians, whose ambassador is invited to address the United States Congress. At this meeting, the Martians massacre most of the members of Congress and retreat to their saucer. Kessler begs for the Martian ambassador to stop, but he is knocked out and taken aboard their ship.

General Decker tries to convince President Dale to retaliate with nuclear warfare, but the president refuses. A Martian assassin, disguised as a beautiful woman, enters the White House and unsuccessfully attempts to assassinate Dale. After the unsuccessful attempt on his life, the Martians then begin a full-scale invasion, in which they destroy Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Washington Monument, the Easter Island Moais, Mount Rushmore – replacing the stone president heads with Martian heads, and other locations.

Meeting with the ambassador one more time to plead for peace, the ambassador goes to shake hands with President Dale but the ambassador's hand comes off and crawls on President Dale, and then stabs him to death. Meanwhile, Richie Norris, a Kansas teenager, discovers that the Martians heads explode when they hear Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call". He and his grandmother drive around town, using the song to destroy the Martians. The military hears about the recording and broadcasts it around the globe and into space, killing most of the Martians and causing the few remaining survivors to flee Earth.

Richie and his grandmother are later awarded the Medal of Honor by the only surviving member of the government, the President's teenage daughter, Taffy, at a ceremony including a Mariachi band playing The Star Spangled Banner on the steps of the ruined United States Capitol.

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