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Memento (2000)

aka Memento

"Some memories are best forgotten."

Directed By: 
Details: 113 mins · English · R (USA)


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A must watch psychological thriller

What a beautiful piece of art and cinema. Take a bow to Cristopher Nolan, the way he wrote screenplay keeping you intrigued, thrilled and in suspense even after the end of the film.

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filmed backwards, but still exiting and a great story.

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420 chars remaining..!!


Small Leonard
Small Natalie
Small Teddy Gammell
Small Burt
No_movie_poster Waiter
Small Leonard's Wife
Small Sammy
No_movie_poster Mrs. Jankis
Small Doctor
Small Dodd
No_movie_poster Blonde
No_movie_poster Tattooist
No_movie_poster Jimmy
No_movie_poster Motel Guest (uncredited)


Small Christopher Nolan Director
Small Jonathan Nolan Author
No_movie_poster Jennifer Todd Producer
No_movie_poster Suzanne Todd Producer
No_movie_poster Elaine Dysinger Producer
No_movie_poster Aaron Ryder Executive Producer
Small Emma Thomas Executive Producer
No_movie_poster David Julyan Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Wally Pfister Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Patti Podesta Production Design
No_movie_poster John Papsidera Casting
No_movie_poster Richard LeGrand Jr. Supervising Sound Editor
No_movie_poster Dody Dorn Editor
Small Christopher Nolan Writer
Small Jonathan Nolan Story Contributor


"Some memories are best forgotten."


A backwards sequence is shown. It starts with the Polaroid photograph of a dead man. As the sequence plays backwards the photo reverts to its undeveloped state, entering the camera before the man is shot in the head. This is followed by interspersed black-and-white and color sequences, with the black-and-white sequences taking place chronologically before the color sequences.

The black-and-white sequences begin with Leonard Shelby in a motel room speaking to an unnamed telephone caller who is not shown on-screen. Leonard has anterograde amnesia and is unable to store recent memories, the result of an attack by two men. Leonard explains that he killed the attacker who raped and strangled his wife, but a second clubbed him and escaped. The police did not accept there was a second attacker, but Leonard believes he is called John with a last name starting with G. Leonard conducts his own investigation using a system of notes, Polaroid photos, and tattoos. As an insurance investigator, Leonard recalls one Sammy Jankis, also diagnosed with the same condition. Sammy's diabetic wife, who wasn't sure if his condition was genuine repeatedly requested insulin injections to try to get him to break his act. He did not and as a result she fell into a coma and died.

The color sequences are shown in reverse chronological order. Leonard gets a tattoo, based on instructions to himself, of the license plate of John G. Finding a note in his clothes, he meets Natalie, a bartender who resents Leonard as he wears the clothes and drives the car of her boyfriend, Jimmy. After understanding his condition, she uses it to get Leonard to drive a man named Dodd out of town and offers to run the license plate to help his investigation. Meanwhile, Leonard meets with a contact, Teddy. Teddy helps with Dodd, but warns him about Natalie; however, Leonard has written on a photo of Teddy to not trust him. Natalie provides Leonard the driver's license, which shows a John Edward Gammell, Teddy's full name. Confirming Leonard's information on "John G" and his warnings, Leonard meets Teddy and drives him to an abandoned building, killing him as shown in the opening.

In the final black-and-white sequence, prompted by the caller, Leonard meets Teddy in the motel lobby. Teddy is an undercover officer and has found Leonard's "John G", Natalie’s boyfriend Jimmy Grantz, and directs Leonard to the same abandoned building outside of town. When Jimmy arrives, Leonard strangles him and takes a photo of the body. As it develops the black-and-white transitions to color, thus beginning the color sequences. Leonard swaps clothes with Jimmy, hearing Jimmy whisper "Sammy". As Leonard has only told the story of Sammy to those he has met, he doubts Jimmy is the attacker. Teddy arrives and asserts that Jimmy was John G but when Leonard is not convinced, Teddy reveals that together they had already found and Leonard had killed the real attacker over a year ago. Teddy claims that Leonard confused elements of his life with that of Sammy, who was a con man with no wife. Leonard's wife was diabetic, had survived the attack and was the one who died in the insulin overdose. Teddy accuses Leonard of creating an unsolvable puzzle to give himself purpose and since "John G" is a common name, he will continually forget, beginning his search again and that even Teddy himself has a "John G" name. After hearing Teddy's exposition, Leonard consciously burns the photograph of Jimmy's body, drives off in Jimmy's car and has Teddy's license plate number tattooed on himself as the one of the second attacker, which will lead to the events of Teddy's death.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2001-03-16 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2000-10-11 : France

Theatrical : 2000-09-09 : Canada

Theatrical : 2003-01-01 : Kuwait

Theatrical : 2001-07-24 : Germany

Theatrical : 2001-07-06 : South Africa

Theatrical : 2001-04-12 : Australia

Theatrical : 2001-07-27 : Turkey

Theatrical : 2001-08-30 : Czech Republic

Theatrical : 2002-05-03 : Uruguay

Theatrical : 2001-10-11 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 2002-05-17 : Colombia

Theatrical : 2001-12-13 : Germany

Theatrical : 2001-06-29 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2001-12-06 : Slovakia

Theatrical : 2001-03-08 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2001-01-19 : Spain

Theatrical : 2003-01-16 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2001-06-27 : Russia

Theatrical : 2001-06-28 : Singapore

Theatrical : 2001-01-31 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2001-04-12 : New Zealand

Theatrical : 2001-06-01 : Norway

Theatrical : 2001-07-14 : Mexico

Theatrical : 2001-11-09 : Austria

Theatrical : 2001-06-28 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2000-09-05 : Italy

Theatrical : 2001-07-13 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2002-02-07 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2001-07-13 : Czech Republic

Theatrical : 2001-08-31 : Brazil

Theatrical : 2001-11-16 : Poland

Theatrical : 2002-01-04 : Estonia

Theatrical : 2001-06-15 : Finland

Theatrical : 2001-05-17 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2001-11-03 : Japan

Theatrical : 2000-09-07 : France

Theatrical : 2001-01-19 : Italy

Theatrical : 2002-11-29 : Bulgaria

Theatrical : 2001-06-28 : Peru

Theatrical : 2000-10-26 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2001-04-20 : Denmark

Theatrical : 2001-08-09 : Israel

Theatrical : 2001-04-26 : Greece

Theatrical : 2001-04-01 : Finland

Theatrical : 2001-04-27 : Iceland

Theatrical : 2001-01-20 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2000-10-14 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2000-10-20 : United Kingdom

DVD : 2001-09-04