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Mermaids (1990)

aka Mermaids

Directed By: 
Details: 110 mins · English · PG-13 (USA)


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I remember thia as being sweet, with some funny scenes

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Small Rachel Flax
Small Charlotte Flax
Small Kate Flax
Small Lou Landsky
No_movie_poster Carrie
No_movie_poster Dr. Reynolds
No_movie_poster Mary O'Brien


No_movie_poster Margery Simkin Casting
No_movie_poster Jack Nitzsche Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Hilton Rosemarin Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Patrick J. Palmer Producer
No_movie_poster Marit Allen Costume Design
No_movie_poster Wallis Nicita Producer
No_movie_poster Stuart Wurtzel Production Design
Small Richard Benjamin Director
No_movie_poster Jacqueline Cambas Editor
No_movie_poster Howard Atherton Director of Photography
No_movie_poster June Roberts Screenplay
Small Patty Dann Novel
No_movie_poster Lauren Lloyd Producer
No_movie_poster Evelyn Sakash Art Direction
No_movie_poster Steve Saklad Art Direction
Small Patty Dann Story Contributor


Mermaids is narrated in the first person by Charlotte Flax, a 15-year-old girl living with her eccentric mother, Rachel (whom she calls "Mrs. Flax"), and sister, Kate. Kate calls her mother by her given name. The narration begins in early fall 1963, just as Rachel's latest fling with her married employer ends and she decides to relocate once again. This time, she and the girls move into a new home near a convent in the small town of Eastport, Massachusetts. Charlotte has an obsession with Catholicism and idolizes the nuns living in the convent. She is always reminded by Rachel, "Charlotte, we're Jewish." Kate, on the other hand, loves oceans and swimming and apparently learned to do so while she was a baby. She won many swimming competitions.

In the new town, Charlotte is especially interested in Joe, the 26-year-old handsome caretaker of the convent and local school bus driver while Rachel falls in love with a local shop owner named Lou. After the assassination of JFK, Charlotte kisses Joe in the bell tower where he rings the church bell. After the encounter, she begins fasting in order to purge her sinful thoughts. She soon fears that God may be punishing her by making her pregnant, and (unable to talk to her mother about it) steals Rachel's car and runs away. She stops at the house of a 'nuclear perfect family' in Connecticut, and tells them her name is Sal Val and other wild stories (which they don't seem to completely believe). She is later picked up by Lou and taken home, where she goes to see an obstetrician and is told she is still a virgin.

At a New Year's costume party Lou asks Rachel to move in with him but she declines and they have a big fight. She asks Joe for a ride home after which she kisses him. Charlotte sees this and feels that her mother is trying to steal away her love interest. That night she dresses up in Rachel's clothes and make up and she and Kate get drunk on wine. She then takes her to the convent to see Joe. Kate decides to stay behind and collect rocks while Charlotte goes up to the bell tower and ends up losing her virginity to Joe. Unbeknownst to them Kate falls into a river and almost drowns, but is saved by the nuns. Rachel is very angry at the turn of events and she and Charlotte have a big fight. She decides to move again to avoid embarrassment as the whole town is talking about Charlotte and Joe. However in the end Charlotte convinces her to stay there at least for another year.

Rachel stays behind and her relationship with Lou progresses. Joe moves away but keeps in touch via postcards, while Charlotte takes Greek myths as her new passion. Kate recovers from her accident (albeit with some deafness), and the movie ends with the family setting the table for dinner (something they never did before Lou came into their lives).

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1990-12-14 : United States of America