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Michael Clayton (2007)

aka Michael Clayton

"The truth can be adjusted"

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Details: 119 mins · English · R (USA)


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This is something as rarely as a George Clooney movie that I find kind of boring (yes, even just looking at his gets boring) but i guess i'll give it another go before dismissing it

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I have to admit it was a bit dry but the acting was awesome. The amount seriousness and perhaps the sadness of George Clooney stands out. I feel it was a good watch and hope that you give it a try before moving on!

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No_movie_poster James Newton Howard Original Music Composer
Small George Clooney Executive Producer
Small Steven Soderbergh Executive Producer
Small Sydney Pollack Producer
Small Anthony Minghella Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Jennifer Fox Producer
No_movie_poster Robert Elswit Director of Photography
Small Tony Gilroy Director
No_movie_poster Kevin Thompson Set Designer
No_movie_poster Steve Samuels Producer
No_movie_poster Kerry Orent Producer
No_movie_poster James A. Holt Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Sarah Edwards Costume Design
Small Tony Gilroy Writer
No_movie_poster John Gilroy Editing


"The truth can be adjusted"


Michael Clayton (George Clooney) is a "fixer" from a prestigious New York City law firm, using his connections and his knowledge of legal loopholes for his clients' benefit. After leaving an underground poker game and dealing with a wealthy client's (Denis O'Hare) hit and run, Michael drives aimlessly and stops at a remote field. When he leaves his car to admire some horses, it explodes behind him.

Four days earlier, one of the firm's leading attorneys, Arthur Edens (Tom Wilkinson), has a bizarre outburst in the middle of a deposition in Milwaukee involving a class action lawsuit against U-North, an agricultural products conglomerate. Michael arrives in Milwaukee and bails Arthur out of jail, but he escapes from their hotel room in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Karen Crowder (Tilda Swinton), U-North's general counsel, discovers that Arthur had come into possession of a confidential U-North document detailing the company's decision to manufacture a weed killer that it knew to be carcinogenic. She hires two men (Robert Prescott, Terry Serpico) to follow him and plant bugs in his apartment and phone. When they realize that Arthur is building a case against his own client, Karen asks that he be permanently incapacitated. They murder Arthur in a manner designed to resemble suicide.

Michael is saddened by the actual news of Arthur's death, but becomes suspicious upon learning that U-North was planning a settlement just a few days before and that Arthur had booked a flight for one of the plaintiffs, Anna (Merritt Wever). He learns from Anna that she told no one of her conversations with Arthur, not even her attorney, arousing in Michael further suspicion about how his firm came to know of Arthur's conversations with the U-North plaintiffs. With the help of his other brother Gene (Sean Cullen) in the police department Michael gets access to Arthur's sealed apartment and discovers a receipt from a copy store. Upon investigation, he discovers that Arthur had ordered three thousand copies of the confidential U-North document. Michael takes a copy with him, but the two hit men are tailing him and inform Karen of the situation. Michael is about to show his boss, Marty Bach (Sydney Pollack), what he has discovered, only to be offered a renewal of his employment contract as well as an $80,000 bonus he had requested to cover his debt resulting from a bad restaurant investment, although it comes with a confidentiality agreement to prevent him from ever shaking down the firm.

One of the hit men rigs his car with a bomb. Michael receives a phone call summoning him to the meeting with the client in Westchester County who had committed a hit-and-run, as seen at the start of the movie. He is being followed by the two men, but they have trouble tailing him. The surveillance team, still off but near Michael's trail, detonates the remote bomb while he is out of the car. An unharmed but surprised Michael runs back to his car and throws his personal effects inside, faking his own death.

Later, at a U-North board meeting, Karen proposes approval of a new settlement agreement. Michael is waiting for her when she exits the conference, and informs her that he has access to copies of the U-North memo and that he knows about her role in Arthur's murder. He goads Karen into offering him $10 million for his silence. Karen reluctantly agrees, prompting Michael to reveal the phone in his pocket that has conveyed their conversation to the police. As he walks away, Karen falls to her knees in shock while detectives rush forward to arrest her. Michael leaves the building and hails a cab, he passes the driver 50 dollars and tells him to "just drive."

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2007-10-05 : United States of America

DVD : 2008-02-19