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Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)


Directed By: 
Details: 147 mins · English, French


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More spills and thrills, but this time the connective tissue supposedly holding the set pieces together is a little thin. The stunts are as impressive as ever: a brutal three-way fist fight, a breathless motorcycle chase, and an epic helicopter chase, but the plot is straightforward and obvious, and the characterisation is almost non-existent.
There's also little of the "impossible", absurd or inventive heists or twists we're used to. There's one scene in the middle of the film where everyone double or triple crosses everyone else for five minutes, but then it's back to the chase. And it is literally a series of chases: running and jumping and punching until the McGuffin is retrieved...the end.
It's very well executed but it's starting to look like the series needs some fresh ideas.

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great movie

Awesome movie, great Tom Cruise fan must say the previous movies were better but this one is definitely MI worthy.

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Ethan Hunt and team must track down three plutonium cores before terrorist group The Apostles can acquire them and use them in a major attack.