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Miyar House

aka Miyar House

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Details: · Kannada


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[[File:|thumb|200px|left|Miyar House]] The filmmaker’s 200 year old ancestral house is dismantled, giving him an opportunity to undertake a journey into a past. It is a past that he shares not only with his extended family, but also with successive generations of India’s rural population. Armed with a cranky digital camera, he and his friend Ajay Raina sets out to document the dismantling process. They meet the four owners of the house – the uncles and aunt of the filmmaker - and gather from them what it means to undergo the process of change and migration. A sense of nostalgia and loss; as well as the excitement and the insecurity of the future accompany this process; the essence of which is transition. A realization of the inevitability of this transition marks this journey. It could well have been the journey of a country that has propelled itself into modernity. As plans are on for the house to get reconstructed elsewhere in an open air museum, out of its original context – for the filmmaker, the fossilization seems to be complete. The film ends with the tile that says that the filmmaker's father has expired in Mumbai in 2010.