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Moonfleet (1955)

aka Moonfleet

Directed By: 
Details: 87 mins · English


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Small Jeremy Fox
Small Lord James Ashwood
Small Lady Clarista Ashwood
Small Mrs. Minton
No_movie_poster John Mohune
No_movie_poster Gypsy
Small Felix Ratsey
No_movie_poster Elzevir Block
Small Parson Glennie
Small Magistrate Maskew
Small Grace
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No_movie_poster Hull
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Small Major Hennishaw
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No_movie_poster Nathanial Greening
No_movie_poster Tomson
Small Coachman
No_movie_poster Capt. Stanhope


Small Fritz Lang Director
No_movie_poster Jan Lustig Screenplay
Small J. Meade Falkner Novel
No_movie_poster Margaret Fitts Screenplay
Small John Houseman Production


Moonfleet is a 1955 film directed by Fritz Lang which was inspired by the novel Moonfleet by J. Meade Falkner, although significant alterations were made in the characters and plot.

A gothic melodrama set in Britain during the eighteenth century, the film is about John Mohune, a young orphan, played by Jon Whiteley, who is sent to the Dorset village of Moonfleet to stay with his mother's former lover, Jeremy Fox. Fox, played by Stewart Granger, is a morally ambiguous character, an elegant gentleman intimately involved with smugglers. On the run from the law, Mohune and Fox must decipher a coded message in their pursuit of a fabulous diamond hidden long ago.

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