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Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941)

aka Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 95 mins · English


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Small Alfred Hitchcock Director
No_movie_poster Harry Stradling Sr. Cinematography
No_movie_poster Harry E. Edington Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Norman Krasna Story
No_movie_poster William Hamilton Editing


Ann (Carole Lombard) and David Smith (Robert Montgomery) are a married couple living in New York who, though happy, often have fights that last for days. One morning, Ann asks David if he had to do it over again, would he marry her? To her disappointment, he answers he wouldn't. Later that day, they both separately find out that, due to a complication during the process of marriage three years earlier, they are in fact not legally married. Ann does not mention this to David, and thinks he will remarry her that very night after he takes her out to a romantic dinner. When this does not happen, she angrily kicks David out of their home.

David spends the night at his club, where a friend advises him to just wait a day, and then go back home. But when David drops by after work, Ann announces behind a closed door that she is not married to David, and has no intention of ever marrying him.

An angry and disheartened David takes to following Ann around, in the process interrupting a date and getting her fired from her job. A friend and co-worker of David, Jeff (Gene Raymond), tells David he will talk to Ann and persuade her to remarry David. But when David shows up later that evening, he finds that Jeff has instead arranged a date with Ann the following night. David arranges a blind date at the same restaurant, but his date is vulgar and rude and the affair ends in disaster.

Later, Ann and Jeff go to the World's Fair, but become stuck on a ride and are forced to sit through several hours of rain many feet up in the air.

Ann and Jeff begin to date seriously, and Ann even meets Jeff's parents, an event that quickly becomes awkward when David barges in. To escape, Ann and Jeff decide to take a vacation with Jeff's parents at a skiing resort—the same resort where Ann and David had earlier been planning to holiday. Upon arriving at the resort, they find that David has rented a cabin right next to them, but when confronted, David simply faints. David spends the next few hours pretending to be sick and delirious while Ann fawns over him, but when Ann discovers his deception, she yells at him and leaves. Ann then loudly stages a pretend one-way conversation with Jeff in order for David to see they are very serious about each other. This falls through when David storms in to find her talking to thin air. In the end, Ann and David, once the picture of a happy couple, are screaming at each other when Jeff walks in. Ann then attacks Jeff for not beating up David, and Jeff and his parents leave in a huff.

Ann, alone at last, struggles with her skis until David offers to help her, then lifts up her legs so that she cannot get up. When Ann yells at him, he just bends down and kisses her, silencing her.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2004-09-07