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Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

aka Mrs. Doubtfire

"She makes dinner. She does windows. She reads bedtime stories. She's a blessing... in disguise."

Directed By: 
Details: 125 mins · English · PG-13 (USA)


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Robin Williams at his best

It's no wonder Mrs. Doubtfire was such a huge hit - the film is sweet without oozing sugar, funny but never insincere, and filled with a fantastic cast who all look like they're having a blast. Robin Williams gives a tour de force performance - of those I've seen, I think this is the best. Absolutely loved it!

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Some funny scenes but I find it a bit "too much"

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Small Daniel Hillard / Mrs. Doubtfire
Small Miranda Hillard
Small Stuart 'Stu' Dunmeyer
Small Uncle Frank Hillard
No_movie_poster Gloria Chaney
No_movie_poster Lydia 'Lydie' Hillard
Small Christopher Hillard
No_movie_poster Natalie 'Nattie' Hillard
Small Jonathan Lundy
No_movie_poster Mrs. Sellner, The Social Worker
No_movie_poster Aunt Jack Hillard
No_movie_poster Bus Driver
Small Justin Gregory
No_movie_poster A.D.R. Director Lou
No_movie_poster Female Employee #1
No_movie_poster Female Employee #2
No_movie_poster Male Employee
No_movie_poster Cop
No_movie_poster Judge
No_movie_poster Miranda's Attorney
No_movie_poster Daniel's Attorney
No_movie_poster Miranda's Mother
No_movie_poster Alice
No_movie_poster Thug


No_movie_poster Howard Shore Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Angelo P. Graham Production Design
No_movie_poster Donald McAlpine Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Raja Gosnell Editor
Small Robin Williams Producer
No_movie_poster Janet Hirshenson Casting
No_movie_poster Jane Jenkins Casting
Small Chris Columbus Director
No_movie_poster Mark Radcliffe Producer
No_movie_poster Garrett Lewis Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Anne Fine Novel
No_movie_poster Randi Mayem Singer Screenplay
No_movie_poster Leslie Dixon Screenplay
No_movie_poster Marsha Garces Williams Producer
No_movie_poster Matthew Rushton Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Paula DuPré Pesman Producer
No_movie_poster Joan Bradshaw Producer
No_movie_poster W. Steven Graham Art Direction
No_movie_poster Marit Allen Costume Design


"She makes dinner. She does windows. She reads bedtime stories. She's a blessing... in disguise."


Daniel Hillard is a voice actor living in California. He is a good father to his three children Lydia, Chris, and Natalie. However, Daniel is not a very responsible husband, and when he throws a rousing birthday party for Chris, his wife Miranda takes it a sign Daniel is too immature and seeks a divorce. At their first custody hearing, the judge grants Miranda custody of the children, since Daniel has neither residence nor job.

Daniel soon learns that Miranda intends to hire a housekeeper to care of the children. Seeing this as a chance to spend more time with his kids; surreptitiously alters her classifieds form. Daniel calls Miranda several times, using his voice acting to trick her into thinking that many lousy job applicants are calling. He then calls her as an elderly British nanny, who he dubs "Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire." Impressed with her alleged qualifications, Miranda invites "Mrs. Doubtfire" for an interview. Daniel enlists his brother Frank, a makeup artist, and Frank's partner Jack to transform him into the character.

After being further impressed by the interview, Miranda hires Mrs. Doubtfire. The children initially struggle to adjust to Mrs. Doubtfire's strict methods, while Miranda quickly befriends "her". Daniel,who had to learn several skills, improves himself and his apartment as well. One day Chris and Lydia learn that Mrs. Doubtfire is their dad in disguise, but Daniel tells them that he wears the costume so he can see his children every day. Glad that he is back with them, both agree to keep it secret from Miranda and Natalie.

Daniel also has a job at a TV station. CEO Jonathan Lundy sees Daniel clowning around with toy dinosaurs on the set of an outdated children's program that is on the cusp of cancellation. Impressed with Daniel's ingenuity, Lundy invites him to dinner in order for Daniel to pitch ideas as the new host. Miranda, meanwhile, invites Mrs. Doubtfire to a birthday dinner arranged by romantic interest Stuart Dunmire scheduled at the same time and place. Unable to reschedule either appointment, Daniel goes to the restaurant and tries to rotate between both dinners, changing in and out of the Mrs. Doubtfire costume in the restroom. He consumes several alcoholic beverages between the two tables and becomes tipsy. He forgets to change out of the Mrs. Doubtfire costume before returning to Lundy's table and dumps pepper (an ingredient Stuart is allergic to) on Stuart's order. When Lundy questions the costume, Daniel covers for his mistake by explaining that his alter ego is his idea for a new television persona. Impressed, Lundy agrees that is a good character. At Miranda's table, Stuart starts choking on the pepper. Out of regret, Daniel, still in the Mrs. Doubtfire costume, administers the Heimlich maneuver on Stuart. During the struggle, Daniel's mask peels off, revealing his identity. Miranda storms out of the restaurant with the children.

At their next custody hearing, despite Daniel demonstrating he has a job and a suitable home, the judge is disturbed by Daniel's unorthodox behavior, and grants Miranda full custody of the children, with Daniel limited to supervised visitation once a week. Without Mrs. Doubtfire, the children again are withdrawn and depressed, and Miranda admits that their lives were so much better with "her". However, they are delighted when they see Daniel dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire hosting his own television program, "Euphegenia's House", which becomes a hit and looks like it will be aired on networks throughout American cities. Miranda pays a visit to Daniel after he wraps up one episode. Congratulating him on his success, she admits the kids were happier with him involved and is making efforts to appeal the custody ruling. Later the kids are greeted by Daniel, now undisguised and without supervision, who takes them out for the day. Miranda watches a Euphegenia's House episode where Mrs. Doubtfire answers a letter from a little girl whose parents are divorcing, which is answered by saying no matter what living arrangements families have; love will prevail.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1993-11-24 : United States of America

DVD : 2008-03-04

DVD : 2002-08-27

DVD : 1999-10-05