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Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)

aka Mutiny on the Bounty


Details: 178 mins · English


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Small Capt. William Bligh
Small First Lieutnant Fletcher Christian
Small Seaman John Mills
Small Alexander Smith
Small Seaman Matthew Quintal
Small Seaman Edward Birkett
Small Michael Byrne
No_movie_poster Seaman William McCoy
No_movie_poster John Fryer
No_movie_poster Midshipman Edward 'Ned' Young
No_movie_poster John Williams
Small William Brown


Small Lewis Milestone Director
No_movie_poster Henry Grace Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Charles Lederer Screenplay
No_movie_poster Robert Surtees Editor
No_movie_poster Hugh Hunt Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Moss Mabry Costume Design
No_movie_poster Bronislau Kaper Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster John McSweeney Jr. Editor
No_movie_poster Aaron Rosenberg Producer
No_movie_poster Charles Nordhoff Novel
Small Carol Reed Director
No_movie_poster Borden Chase Writer
No_movie_poster Ben Hecht Writer
No_movie_poster John Gay Writer
Small Eric Ambler Writer
No_movie_poster James Norman Hall Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Charles Nordhoff Story Contributor
No_movie_poster John McSweeney Jr. Editing



"The mightiest excitement that ever swept across the sea or the screen!"

"The greatest adventure ever lived becomes the greatest adventure ever filmed!"


In 1787, the Bounty sets sail from England for Tahiti under the command of captain William Bligh (Trevor Howard). Her mission is to transport breadfruit to Jamaica, where hopefully it will thrive and provide a cheap source of food for the slaves.

The difficult voyage gets off to a difficult start with the discovery that some cheese is missing. Bligh, the true pilferer, is accused of the theft by seaman John Mills (Richard Harris), and Bligh has Mills brutally flogged for showing contempt to his superior officer, to the disgust of his patrician second-in-command, 1st Lieutenant Fletcher Christian (Marlon Brando). The tone for the months to come is summarized by Bligh's ominous pronouncement that "cruelty with a purpose is not cruelty, it is efficiency." Aristocrat Christian is deeply offended by his ambitious captain.

Bligh attempts to reach Tahiti sooner by attempting the shorter westbound route around Cape Horn, a navigational nightmare. The strategy fails and the Bounty backtracks east, costing the mission much time. Singleminded Bligh attempts to make up the lost time by pushing the crew harder and cutting their rations.

When the Bounty reaches her destination, the crew revels in the easygoing life of the tropical paradise — and in the free-love philosophies of the Tahitian women. Christian himself is smitten with Maimiti (Tarita), daughter of the Tahitian king. Bligh's agitation is further fueled by a dormancy period of the breadfruit: more months of delay until the plants can be transplanted. As departure day nears, three men, including seaman Mills, attempt to desert but are caught by Christian and clapped in irons by Bligh.

On the return voyage, Bligh attempts to bring back twice the number of breadfruit plants to atone for his tardiness, and must reduce the water rations of the crew to water the extra plants. One member of the crew falls from the rigging to his death while attempting to retrieve the drinking ladle. Another assaults Bligh over conditions on the ship and is fatally keelhauled. Mills taunts Christian after each death, trying to egg him on to challenge Bligh. When a crewmember becomes gravely ill from drinking seawater, Christian attempts to give him fresh water in violation of the Captain's orders. Bligh strikes Christian when he ignores his second order to stop. In response, Christian strikes Bligh. Bligh informs Christian that he will hang for his action when they reach port. With nothing left to lose, Christian takes command of the ship and sets Bligh and the loyalist members of the crew adrift in the longboat with navigational equipment, telling them to make for a local island. Bligh decides instead to cross much of the Pacific in order to reach British authorities sooner and arrives back in England with remarkable speed.

Christian sails back to Tahiti to pick up the girlfriends of the crew, then on to remote and wrongly charted Pitcairn Island to hide from the wrath of the Royal Navy. Once on Pitcairn, Christian decides that it is their duty to return to England and testify to Bligh's wrongdoing and asks his men to sail with him. To prevent this possibility they set the ship on fire and Christian is fatally burned while trying to save it.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1962-11-08 : United States of America