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Night of the Demon (1957)

aka Curse of the Demon

Directed By: 
Details: 95 mins · English


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Small Dr. John Holden
Small Joanna Harrington
No_movie_poster Dr. Julian Karswell
Small Professor Henry Harrington
No_movie_poster Mrs. Karswell
Small Professor Mark O'Brien
No_movie_poster Mr. Meek
No_movie_poster Lloyd Williamson
No_movie_poster Professor K.T. Kumar
No_movie_poster Mrs. Meek
No_movie_poster Rand Hobart
No_movie_poster Inspector Mottrarn
No_movie_poster Detective Simmons
No_movie_poster Superintendent
No_movie_poster Chemist
No_movie_poster Librarian
No_movie_poster Mrs. Hobart (deleted from US print)
Small Farmer (deleted from US print)
No_movie_poster Air Hostess (deleted from US print)


No_movie_poster Charles Bennett Screenplay
Small Jacques Tourneur Director
No_movie_poster Hal E. Chester Screenplay
No_movie_poster Hal E. Chester Production
No_movie_poster Charles Bennett Writer


In England, Professor Harrington (Maurice Denham) approaches Dr. Julian Karswell (Niall MacGinnis), the leader of a satanic cult, promising to call off an investigation of the cult if Karswell will call off "what he has started". After learning that a parchment given to Harrington has disintegrated, and seeing by the clock it is already too late, Karswell says that he will do all that he can and ushers Harrington out. After Harrington arrives at his home, a demon materialises in the woods and approaches. Fleeing in his car, Harrington crashes into a telegraph pole, which apparently causes falling power lines to electrocute him.

Dr. John Holden (Dana Andrews) arrives in England to attend a convention where Harrington had intended to expose Karswell's cult. Holden is informed of Harrington's death and that the only link between it and Karswell's cult is an accused murderer, Rand Hobart (Brian Wilde), who has fallen into a catatonic stupor. While Harrington's collaborators consider the possibility of supernatural forces, Holden rejects the idea as superstition.

Following Harrington's notes, Holden visits the British Museum's library to examine books on witchcraft. A book Harrington requests is discovered to be missing. He is approached by Karswell, who offers to show Holden his own copy at his mansion. At Harrington's funeral, Holden meets the dead man's niece, Joanna (Peggy Cummins), who provides him with Harrington's diary. The diary reveals Harrington's increasing fear of Karswell's power. Holden remains sceptical, but goes with Joanna to Karswell's mansion the next day.