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Night Train to Lisbon (2013)

aka Night Train to Lisbon

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 111 mins · German


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A train ride worth taking

First of all I have to admit that my review will be fairly biased as I'm in love with the Portuguese history and culture, so this movie made me extremely happy by just existing. It's always refreshing to see a different part of history and country being represented that isn't often shown in the media. The film also fell into the type of movies I like to watch. A calm pace, wonderful acting, beautiful quotes and with no exaggerated actions. It's one of those movies that succeed with taking you into it's story and making you think about both the past and present.

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Small Raimund Gregorius
Small Father Bartolomeu


Small Bille August Director


Raimund Gregorius, a Swiss professor of old languages, saves a Portuguese beauty from committing suicide when she is about to take a lethal leap. Right after this incident he comes across a book written by Portuguese author Amadeu do Prado. It is a novel about the resistance against the late Portuguese ruler António de Oliveira Salazar and he gets obsessed with it. He starts to dedicate his life to the study of Portuguese history in general and Amadeu do Prado's oeuvre in particular.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2013-12-06 : United States of America