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Night Without Sleep (1952)

aka Night Without Sleep

Directed By: 
Details: 77 mins · English


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Small Richard Morton
Small Julie Bannon
Small Lisa Muller
Small Laura Harkness
Small Emily Morton
No_movie_poster Dr. Clarke
Small John Harkness


No_movie_poster Lucien Ballard Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Lyle R. Wheeler Set Designer
No_movie_poster Addison Hehr Set Designer
No_movie_poster Cyril J. Mockridge Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Robert Bassler Producer
Small Roy Ward Baker Director
No_movie_poster Ben Nye Maske
No_movie_poster Frank Partos Screenplay
No_movie_poster Elick Moll Novel
No_movie_poster Renié Costume Design
No_movie_poster Nick DeMaggio Editor


A composer, Richard Morton experiences blackouts and cannot account for his actions. He seems to recall a woman's screams and a conversation with his wife, Emily, but it's all a blur.

Morton goes to see his friend John Harkness and is introduced to a film actress, Julie Bannon, and is attracted to her. He also apparently has made a date with Lisa Muller, who is angry when Morton shows up two hours late. He loses his temper and threatens her.

Julie goes out with Morton and attempts to seduce him, but something in him resists. He returns to Lisa and begins to menace her again, only to suffer another blackout. When he wakes up, Morton is in his own home by himself and isn't sure where he has been or what he has done.

He phones Lisa and learns she is all right. Concerned, he contacts Julie as well, but she also has not been harmed. Morton is glad that his violent temper did not cause him to lose control and that the woman's screams are all in his mind, until he goes to his own bedroom for the night and finds his wife there, dead.