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Number Seventeen (1932)

aka Number Seventeen

Directed By: 
Details: 63 mins · English


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No_movie_poster Ben
Small Nora - The Girl
No_movie_poster Barton - The detective
Small Brant - Nora's Escort
Small Henry Doyle
No_movie_poster Rose Ackroyd
No_movie_poster Mr. Ackroyd
No_movie_poster Sheldrake
No_movie_poster The Guard on Train (uncredited)


Small Alfred Hitchcock Director
No_movie_poster Alma Reville Scenario Writer
No_movie_poster Jack E. Cox Cinematography
No_movie_poster C. Wilfred Arnold Art Direction
No_movie_poster Bryan Langley Cinematography
No_movie_poster Rodney Ackland Scenario Writer
No_movie_poster Joseph Jefferson Farjeon Writer
No_movie_poster Adolph Hallis Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster A.C. Hammond Editor
No_movie_poster Leon M. Lion Production
No_movie_poster John Maxwell Production
Small Alfred Hitchcock Writer
No_movie_poster Joseph Jefferson Farjeon Story Contributor
No_movie_poster A.C. Hammond Editing


Detective Barton is searching for a necklace stolen by a gang of thieves. In the beginning, the gang is in a house in London, before going on the run.

The film starts off with Detective Barton arriving at a house marked for sale or rent. The door is unlocked and he wanders in. An unknown person with a candle is wandering about and a dead body is found. When confronted the mysterious person claims innocence of the murdered person. Barton asks the stranger what he has in his pockets (handkerchief, string, sausage, picture of a child, half a cigarette), before the shadow of a hand is shown reaching for a doorknob. The stranger searches the body of the dead person and finds handcuffs and a gun which he takes.

The detective returns from investigating the weird sound and finds the handcuffs which the stranger left on the ground. A person is seen to be crawling on the roof through shadows, who then falls through the roof. This is a woman called Nora who is revived and cries out for her father. She explains that her father went onto the roof and that they are next door in number 15.

The bell tolls half past midnight and the dead body has disappeared. Three people arrive at the windswept house, Mr. Ackroyd, Rose Ackroyd (who is deaf and dumb) and a third person. Ben draws out the gun. Ben accidentally shoots the governor. Mr. Ackroyd draws out a gun and asks him to search the gentlemen, Ben and Nora. The telegram is revealed to Mr. Ackroyd. Sheldrake gets the diamond necklace, which he has hidden in the upper portion of a toilet. Ben causes a commotion and is locked away with Sheldrake.

The two hands of Sheldrake reach out and appear to strangle Ben who is only pretending to be knocked out. More members of the gang arrive. They suggest tying up Nora and Doyle. The three thieves all have to catch a train. However, one of the "thieves" is Nora's father who locks away two of the thieves and frees Nora and Doyle. He opens the door where Ben is locked away with Sheldrake and gets into a fist fight with Sheldrake.

The other man reveals himself as Sheldrake and frees the others. Nora and Forsythe are tied up again. Mrs. Ackroyd reveals herself to be able to speak and says "I'm coming back". She comes back and frees Nora and Doyle. Nora has fainted but recovers. They free Ben and Nora's father. The thieves arrive at the train yard, and board a freight train that is departing. The train says Deutsch-Englischer Fahrverkehr Ferry Service between Germany-Great Britain.

The train departs with Ben aboard and he stumbles onto crates of wine. The thieves, after dispatching the conductor, go to the front of the train, shoot the fireman, and catch the Driver as he faints. Doyle commandeers a bus. Ben is revealed to have the necklace. Sheldrake discovers he doesn't have the diamond and the thieves fight each other. Barton is revealed as a detective posing as a thief. A chase scene occurs on the train as the thieves go after Barton. Barton escapes and handcuffs Mrs. Ackroyd. The bus that Forsythe is on races after the train. The thieves, realizing the train is accelerating, try and find the brakes. They turns dials helplessly and notice the bus that Doyle is on.

Pushing levers and turning dials does nothing, indeed, it only makes the train go faster, leaving the thieves unable to escape. At the dock, the ferry pulls up. As Doyle watches, the train hurtles through the dock, crashes into the train currently on the ferry, and pushes it out to sea, dragging the remaining cars into the ocean. People are rescued from the water. Henry Doyle is posing as Detective Barton he tells Forsythe. But actually Forsythe is Detective Barton! Who says to Barton, you can't be Barton because I am. All of the thieves are apprehended by the police who are on the scene. Nora asks Barton, "What are you going to do about it?" Barton replied "You better come along with me." Nora says "Where?" "To breakfast." Barton says, and they laugh. Ben then reveals he has the diamond necklace.

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