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One of Our Aircraft is Missing (1942)

aka One of Our Aircraft is Missing

"1942s first blast of screen dynamite"

Details: 102 mins · English, Deutsch, Latin, Nederlands


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No_movie_poster Sir George Corbett, Rear Gunner in B for Bertie
Small Tom Earnshaw, Copilot in B for Bertie
No_movie_poster Frank Shelley, Observer / Navigator in B for Bertie
Small Geoff Hickman, Front Gunner in B for Bertie
No_movie_poster John Glyn Haggard, Pilot in B for Bertie
No_movie_poster Bob Ashley, Radio Operator in B for Bertie


Small Michael Powell Director
Small Emeric Pressburger Director
Small Emeric Pressburger Production
Small Michael Powell Production
Small Emeric Pressburger Writer
Small Michael Powell Writer
Small David Lean Editing


"1942s first blast of screen dynamite"

"This time WE are the invaders!"

"Never have so few done so much for so many."

"The crew of a bomber are forced down over Holland & are helped by the Dutch & escape back to England."


"B for Bertie" is a RAF Vickers Wellington bomber whose crew was forced to bail out over the Netherlands near the Zuider Zee after one of their engines was damaged during a nighttime raid on Stuttgart. Five of the six airmen find each other; the sixth goes missing. The first Dutch citizens they encounter, led by English-speaking schoolteacher Else Meertens (Pamela Brown), are suspicious at first as no aircraft is reported to have crashed in the Netherlands (the bomber actually reaches England before hitting a tower). After much debate and some questioning, the Dutch agree to help, despite their fear of German reprisals.

The disguised airmen led by the pilots (Hugh Burden) and (Eric Portman) bicycle through the countryside to a football match, accompanied by many of the Dutch, where they are passed along to the local burgomeister (Hay Petrie). To their bemusement, they discover their missing crewman playing on one of the teams. Reunited, they hide in a truck carrying supplies to Jo de Vries (Googie Withers).

De Vries pretends to be pro-German, blaming the British for killing her husband in a bombing raid (whereas he is actually in England working as a radio announcer). She hides them in her mansion, despite the Germans being garrisoned there. Under cover of an air raid, she leads them to a rowboat. The men row undetected to the sea, but a bridge sentry finally spots them and a shot seriously wounds the oldest man, Sir George Corbett (Godfrey Tearle). Nevertheless, they reach the North Sea. They take shelter in a German rescue buoy, where they take two shot-down enemy aviators prisoner, but not before one sends a radio message. By chance, two British boats arrive first. Because Corbett cannot be moved, they simply tow the buoy back to England. Three months later, he is fully recovered, and the crew board their new four-engine heavy bomber.

The attitude of the Dutch people towards the Nazi occupation is exemplified by two Dutch women who help the airmen at great personal risk to themselves and these explain why the Dutch were willing to help Allied airmen even though those same airmen were sometimes dropping bombs on the Netherlands and killing Dutch people:

Release Dates:

DVD : 2008-10-28