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OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009)

aka OSS 117: Lost in Rio

Directed By: 
Details: 100 mins · French


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No_movie_poster Mayeux
Small Dolorès Koulechov
No_movie_poster Armand Lesignac
No_movie_poster Fraulein Frieda
No_movie_poster Von Zimmel
Small Staman
No_movie_poster Fayolle
No_movie_poster Carlotta
No_movie_poster Mlle Ledentu
No_movie_poster Kutner
No_movie_poster Staman
Small Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, OSS 117


No_movie_poster Michel Hazanavicius Director
No_movie_poster Jean-François Halin Screenplay
No_movie_poster Eric Altmeyer Production
No_movie_poster Nicolas Altmeyer Production
No_movie_poster Michel Hazanavicius Writer
No_movie_poster Jean Bruce Story Contributor


The film opens with a ski chalet party sequence in Gstaad where Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath aka OSS 117 is entertaining a Chinese countess. The party is attacked by Red Chinese gunmen working for a Mr. Lee and everyone but Hubert and the Countess are killed. Returning to SDECE headquarters, Hubert is assigned to deliver a blackmail payment of 50,000 new Francs to Professor Von Zimmel, a Nazi who escaped to South America and has a microfilm list of French Nazi sympathizers.

Once in Rio, Hubert is attacked at various times by relatives of Mr. Lee's gunmen, encounters a foul-mouthed American Felix Leiter-type CIA agent Bill Tremendous, the femme fatale Carlotta, Professor Von Zimmel's luchador enforcers and eventually Mossad agents intent on bringing Professor Von Zimmel back to Israel for trial. OSS 117 teams up with Dolorès Koulechov, a beautiful Israeli Army Colonel to bring Von Zimmel to Israel in the manner of Adolf Eichmann. Their lead to Von Zimmel is his son who is now a hippie.

Throughout the film the main character has two main romantic interests. The first is a mysterious beauty Carlotta (Reem Kherici). The second is Israeli Army officer, Dolorès Koulechov, who spends most of the film exasperated at OSS 117's misogynistic, racist, colonial tendencies and has no interest in the main character, but warms up to him in the end. When asked by de La Bath why Koulechov does not like the dictatural Brazilian military government of the time, she lists its examples of totalitarianism that the puzzled de La Bath finds the same as the France of Charles de Gaulle.

- Do you know what a dictatorship is ? It's when people are communists, when they are cold with gray hats and boots with zippers. That's a dictatorship !

- Then, what do you call a country with a military leader controlling everything, a secret police, a single TV channel with every information controlled by the state ?

- I call that "France", Miss. General De Gaulle's France...

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2010-05-07 : United States of America

DVD : 2010-08-31